When will the Jordan Middle school be built and opened? Will Jordan Middle have a theater? Sunset Middle does not have a theater and school plays are done in the gym, which just pales in comparison to Woodland, Page and other schools, which is not fair to the kids.  Understand, there may be funding constraints – so the question is, who and what makes the determination of what gets cut?

According to the district’s Five Year Capital Outlay Plan, which is updated each November, the projected completion date for a middle school that would serve students in the Jordan Elementary area is Fall of 2021. Over the last decade or so, the district has been working to retrofit all of its older middle schools with performing arts centers. For instance, Grassland Middle cut the ribbon to its new auditorium last week; Sunset Middle will be next. All new middle schools – such as Thompson’s Station Middle School which opened in 2018 – are constructed with performing arts centers.

Will the neighborhoods along Split Log Rd, which are zoned for Jordan Elementary, potentially be rezoned for Nolensville High?

We have no plans to rezone students in the Ravenwood/Nolensville high school zones at this time.

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