Williamson County Schools choir students are hitting the right notes and earning places on one of the Middle Tennessee Vocal Association (MTVA) Mid-State choirs.

Of the 85 students selected to a Mid-State choir, 44 were also selected for one of the Tennessee Music Education Association (TMEA) All-State choirs.

Throughout the year, these students will rehearse and perform at various events. Congratulations to the following students:

Student NamePartSchoolMTVA ChoirTMEA Choir
Caroline ConteAlto 1Brentwood HighSSAASATB - Alternate 3
Alex CookSoprano 2Brentwood HighSATBSSAA
Vivi HurstSoprano 1 Brentwood HighSATBSSAA
Sydney LloydFreshman AltoBrentwood HighFreshman SSAA
Banks MurdockBass 1Brentwood HighTTBB
Caleb OakleyTenor 1Brentwood HighTTBBSATB
Michelle QiuAlto 1Brentwood HighSATBSSAA
Ella SalibaSoprano 1Brentwood HighSATBSSAA
Sienna ShepherdAlto 2Brentwood HighSSAA
Adele SmithFreshman AltoBrentwood HighFreshman SATB
Catherine TamayoSoprano 1Brentwood HighSSAA
Macey WadeSoprano 1Brentwood HighSSAASATB
Camille WoodsSoprano 1Brentwood HighSSAA
Helena AertssensFreshman AltoCentennial HighFreshman SSAA
Nathan BentonTenor 2Centennial HighTTBB
Avram BinghamTenor 2Centennial HighTTBBSATB - Alternate 3
Syriah BupasiriFreshman AltoCentennial HighFreshman SSAA
Gracelyn BurrisSoprano 1Centennial HighSSAA
Graeme CadaretTenor 2Centennial HighSATBTTBB
Chris CooperBass 2Centennial HighTTBBSATB
Sophia DeLombaerdeAlto 2Centennial HighSATB
Olivia DietzelFreshman SopranoCentennial HighFreshman SSAA
Jessica FinnySoprano 2Centennial HighSSAA
Reagan GentileFreshman AltoCentennial HighFreshman SSAA
Sicily HadrgraveFreshman SopranoCentennial HighFreshman SATB
Elena HerreroSoprano 2Centennial HighSATB
Sydney HooverSoprano 1Centennial HighSATBSSAA
William HumphreysFreshman TenorCentennial HighFreshman SATB
Austin KrellBass 2Centennial HighTTBBTTBB
Addie LewisSoprano 1 Centennial HighSSAASSAA
David MooreBass 1Centennial HighSATB
Angela MuellerFreshman SopranoCentennial HighFreshman SATB
Angela OngFreshman AltoCentennial HighFreshman SATB
Natalie Peterson LopesAlto 2Centennial HighSATBSSAA
Celeste PhillipsFreshman AltoCentennial HighFreshman SATB
Justice SkinnerTenor 2Centennial HighSATBTTBB - Alternate 1
Grace Ann TabscottAlto 1Centennial HighSATB
Riley TuttleFreshman TenorCentennial HighFreshman SATB
Beka UnderhillAlto 1Centennial HighSSAA
Nick YoungsteadBass 1Centennial HighSATBTTBB - Alternate 2
Lilian BrownSoprano 1Franklin HighSSAASATB - Alternate 4
Asha HenshawAlto 1Franklin HighSATBSSAA
Molly PopeAlto 1Franklin HighSSAASATB - Alternate 1
Molly VolkerAlto 1Franklin HighSSAASATB
Lily WarrenSoprano 1Franklin HighSSAASATB
Jessica CoffeySoprano 2Independence HighSATBSSAA
Haidyn DeWispelaereSoprano 2Independence HighSSAASSAA
Emily EbanksFreshman AltoIndependence HighFreshman SSAA
Parks GarnerBass 2Independence HighTTBB
Natalie GleatonFreshman AltoIndependence HighFreshman SATB
Hailey GoodwinAlto 2Independence HighSATB
Kayla HaedgeFreshman SopranoIndependence HighFreshman SSAA
Karson HamlinTenor 2Independence HighTTBBSATB - Alternate 4
Addy HendrixFreshman AltoIndependence HighFreshman SSAA
Sonia MistryFreshman AltoIndependence HighFreshman SSAA
Evelyn PalmlidenAlto 2Independence HighSSAASATB - Alternate 4
Nicholas PerroneFreshman TenorIndependence HighFreshman SATB
Grace RileySoprano 1Independence HighSSAASATB
Preston RogersBass 2Independence HighSATBTTBB
Eriel WeaverTenor 2Independence HighTTBBSATB - Alternate 2
Katie WilhiteAlto 2Independence HighSSAA
Isabella WickhamSoprano 1Nolensville HighSATBSSAA - Alternate 3
Mark DovgalyukBass 2Ravenwood HighSATBTTBB
Molly HuggetAlto 1Ravenwood HighSSAA
Ben JessopBass 1Ravenwood HighSATBTTBB
Trisha MazumdarSoprano 2Ravenwood HighSSAASATB - Alternate 2
Camryn RasmussenSoprano 1Ravenwood HighSSAASSAA
Lilly RitzSoprano 2Ravenwood HighSSAA
Aidan SchachtTenor 2Ravenwood HighSATBTTBB
Madeline ThomasAlto 1Ravenwood HighSSAASATB
Grady VasilevskisFreshman TenorRavenwood HighFreshman SATB
Jasper VasilevskisTenor 1Ravenwood HighTTBBTTBB
Maddie BauerSoprano 2Summit HighSATBSSAA
Izzy BeardSoprano 2Summit HighSSAA
Logan BentonBass 2Summit HighSATBTTBB
Annabeth ElstonSoprano 2Summit HighSSAA
Braden FitzgeraldTenor 1Summit HighSATBTTBB
Jack GlennBass 2Summit HighTTBBSATB
Maggie HarrisAlto 2Summit HighSATBSSAA - Alternate 2
CJ LindbergBass 2Summit HighTTBB
Ava PodewitzSoprano 1Summit HighSSAASATB
Megan RobinsonAlto 2Summit HighSSAASATB
Perry RodgersFreshman SopranoSummit HighFreshman SSAA
Kelsey TardiffAlto 2Summit HighSSAASATB
Livia ThomasAlto 2Summit HighSSAA