Fifth grader Ethen Oliasani is proof that hard work pays off.

According to teachers at Chapman’s Retreat Elementary, Ethen demonstrates perseverance on a daily basis while showing respect to everyone he meets. That’s why he was selected as this year’s Academic All-Star award winner.

“Ethen is eager to learn new concepts without getting discouraged,” said his teachers. “He has shown that when you work hard through your challenges, you can succeed. His positive attitude is contagious, and he is a model for other students.”

Ethen credits his teachers, namely Ms. Turner, Ms. Chun and Ms. Schaffer, for helping him get to where he is today.

“They help me through challenges and learning new strategies,” said Ethen. “They’re nice, too.”

Ethen’s favorite subject is science because of all the cool experiments he gets to perform, but he likes all of his classes. Outside of school, Ethen enjoys reading and playing games. He also has a love for cats, which could one day turn into a career.

“I want to run a cat business when I grow up,” said Ethen. “It would be like a cat kennel. When people go on vacation and they have no place to keep their cat, they could take them there.”

No matter the career he chooses, Ethen’s teachers say great things are on the horizon.

“Ethen’s determination and his can-do attitude has already taken him far,” said his teachers. “We know that will continue in the future.”