Ask 10-year-old Quinn West what she wants to be when she grows up and her face will light up with joy. That’s because Quinn has wanted to be a teacher for as long as she can remember.

It’s not surprising to the teachers at Crockett Elementary who say Quinn’s love for learning led them to select her as this year’s Academic All-Star.

“Quinn is kind, hard-working, respectful and always willing to do the right thing,” said her teachers. “She leads by example and perseveres when faced with academic or social challenges. Quinn always goes above and beyond to help her classmates and teachers.”

As a fifth grader who has attended Crockett since kindergarten, Quinn says the educators at Crockett are second to none.

“I love all of the teachers,” said Quinn. “I like how they teach. Also, I’ve known a lot of them for a long time so they’re sort of special to me.”

Although she doesn’t consider it to be her strongest subject, Quinn says reading might be her favorite.

“I like it because it’s not as hard as all of the others,” said Quinn with a laugh. “I also like social studies, because I enjoy learning about the past.”

Quinn also likes to share what she has learned with others… even if they aren’t real people.

“I teach to invisible people in my room,” said Quinn, who admits she’s inspired by the fantastic educators at Crockett. “I have a big whiteboard that I use. It’s fun.”

It’s good practice for a student who has her heart set on teaching and helping others.

“Quinn’s level of compassion and maturity is evident in all that she does,” said her teachers. “She is an amazing student and friend; she’s a perfect example of an Academic All-Star.”