The combined Brentwood High and Brentwood Middle school Robotics Club achieved a first for the team in the 2019 Music City Boosting Engineering, Science and Technology (BEST) Tournament November 2.

This was the club’s fifth year competing in the BEST Tournament. They advanced to the semifinals for the first time in the club’s history. They also produced a perfectly scored engineering notebook that detailed the development process from brainstorming to production.

“We improved last year’s performance in the field,” said BHS Advanced Placement physics teacher Dr. Robert Marrero. “We are confident we will do even better next year. These are exciting times for robotics.”

The six-week competition is hosted by Lipscomb University. Each team must construct a robot using the provided kit. This year, the theme was Off the Grid. Teams were required to create a robot that could quickly repair downed power lines. Then they had to create a marketing presentation as well as an exhibit booth.