Ten-year-old Jovirose Taddeo is a leader at Bethesda Elementary School.

The fifth grader is widely known for encouraging her peers, organizing service projects and celebrating other people’s accomplishments. Those are the types of qualities that led teachers at Bethesda to name her this year’s Academic All-Star.

“Jovirose is extremely hard-working,” said her teachers. “She asks questions and sticks with a problem until she solves it. Jovirose is kind and helpful to everyone. She always has a smile on her face, and she utilizes her problem-solving skills to improve her environment.”

According to Jovirose, there are many reasons why she loves Bethesda, but her favorite is the teachers.

“I feel like my teacher, Ms. Lee, trusts me a lot, and she is super nice,” said Jovirose. “My other teacher, Ms. Hayes, is so funny. We keep telling her she needs to be a professional artist because she’s so good at drawing. Plus, she always strives to accomplish things, and she’s really kind to us.”

Jovirose says her two favorite subjects are math and reading. Outside of school, Jovirose can often be found practicing her dance moves.

“I go to dance class a lot,” said Jovirose. “There are different types of dance like hip hop, lyrical and ballet. I do a lot of them. I want to be a dance teacher when I get older because that’s my main passion.”

Another passion is recycling. Jovirose joined the school’s recycling team this year and says she has enjoyed learning about the important role recycling plays in helping the environment. With so much going on, Jovirose says her education always comes first.

“I’ll need to have good grades to do the things I want to do in life,” said Jovirose. “I’m trying to pay attention now so when I get older it will have a benefit. When it gets tough, I always think to myself, ‘I know this is hard, but this is what you have to do to grow up.'”