Grassland Elementary student Addy Shoemaker isn’t afraid of a challenge.

The fifth grader is known for her hard work, persistence and self-motivation. That’s why teachers and staff selected Addy for this year’s Academic All-Star Award.

“We are so proud of Addy,” said GES fifth grade teacher Leslie Wheeler. “She is a model student, and we love having her in class each day.”

Addy credits many of the teachers at GES for helping her along the way, especially when it comes to math.

“I used to not really understand math,” said Addy. “My teachers have really helped me improve.”

Addy’s favorite subject is English language arts because she loves to read. Other hobbies include playing basketball and the piano.

“I have taken piano lessons for a few years,” said Addy. “It’s a lot of fun. I had never played an instrument before this, and I really like it. I also enjoy playing basketball, because I like to be aggressive.”

In addition, Addy finds time to spend with both her siblings and their family pets.

“I have a younger sister and brother,” said Addy. “We have a puppy named Ruby and a cat named Oscar. I just love animals. I want to be either a zoologist or a veterinarian when I grow up.”

According to Addy, her plans for the future help motivate her today.

“If you don’t focus in school it will be hard to get a good job that you enjoy,” said Addy. “I want to have a job that I enjoy instead of sitting at a desk all day on a computer. Plus, school can be pretty fun, and I like seeing my friends.”