Independence High School is proud to name Elisabeth Sullivan as its Academic All-Star for the 2019-20 school year.

“Elisabeth is a reliable and dedicated student who always has a smile on her face and holds herself and those around her to extremely high expectations,” said IHS Assistant Principal Naomi Williams. “She is a joy to have in class, and we are proud to have her as a student at Independence.”

Elisabeth doesn’t really have a favorite subject, but she knows her education is important, and she credits teachers like Ms. Chesak (Algebra), Mr. Taylor (Biology) and Mr. Ward (English) for helping her throughout the year.

“I know school can impact my life,” said Elisabeth. “Being able to talk to people and look them in the eye is important. Also, just knowing there are people who are here for me who I can count on is something I think I will carry on with me the rest of my life.”

As a sophomore, Elisabeth hasn’t determined her post-high school plans just yet, but she knows singing will be involved.

“I have wanted to sing professionally since I was 13-years-old,” said Elisabeth. “I sing with my other two sisters, and we all sing by ear. For my birthday this weekend, we’re going to sing at an assisted living facility.”

Although juggling both her extracurricular activities and classwork can be difficult, Elisabeth says it’s rewarding to see her hard work pay off in the form of the Academic All-Star award.

“I’m shocked,” said Elisabeth. “This is really special, and I feel very proud right now.”