Students may have gotten a break for the holidays, but construction work around the district continued.

Despite the wet weather, projects are moving forward. Here’s how the projects are progressing.

Creekside Elementary

The district’s newest elementary school is scheduled to be completed January 15. The building has permanent power and a water treatment plant, and all interior work is finished. The road has been widened; the parking lot is paved; and the landscaping is complete.

Furniture has been placed around the school, and teachers have already begun setting up their classrooms. The first official day for students will be January 22.

Creekside Elementary 1-2020

Creekside Elementary

Central East Middle School

Work on the middle school located on Henpeck Lane is progressing.

The contractor is in the process of widening the roadway in front of the school.

Workers are laying brick on the building exterior of several areas. Concrete slabs are set on the first floor and nearly completed on the second floor. All mechanical, electrical and plumbing has been set under the slabs and is continuing to be set in the walls and ceiling. Work on the interior walls is also continuing.

Roof work has begun in certain areas of the school.

The expected substantial completion date is June 28.

Page Middle School

Page Middle’s Phase One project is complete, and the new building is being used by students and staff. There is still some site work in the front parking lot that will be addressed.

Phase Two of the Page Middle project has received the notice to proceed. The contractor has materials onsite to build temporary walls around the construction zone. Teachers and students have been moved to the new building, and the existing building will be demolished.

Sunset Middle

Designs for Sunset Middle’s auditorium have been approved and submitted to the Town of Nolensville for review. The goal is to bid the project in early February.

Brentwood High

Final designs are being reviewed for the third phase of the Brentwood High administration and guidance building addition. If approved, the project will be advertised for bid in February.

The tentative completion date for the project is June 2021.

Franklin High

The existing structures are being demolished to make way for a new athletic building. Workers have started a building pad for the athletic expansion, as well as underground plumbing.

The building’s substantial completion date is scheduled for September 30.

Franklin Athletic Building 1-2020

Franklin High Athletic Building

Independence High

The 22-classroom addition to Independence High is nearing completion. Though the weather has had an impact, the landscaping and sod around the building are nearly finished. Flooring is complete throughout the building, and the classroom floors are being waxed.

Lockers have been installed; exterior handrails have been painted; and a ramp has been installed at the northeast end of the building.

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing work is 98 percent complete.

The addition’s substantial completion date is scheduled for February 6.

Independence High 1-2020

Independence High

Page High

Phase Two of the Page High construction project received the notice to proceed January 6.

Fences are being placed around the construction zone. Bus traffic loading and drop-off has been addressed. The concrete medians in the parking lot have been removed to follow the parking plan.