Hundreds of WCS music students will strike a chord as they perform in the Middle Tennessee School Band and Orchestra Association (MTSBOA) Mid-State and All-State bands and orchestras.

The Mid-State Ensembles will perform at Middle Tennessee State University’s Tucker Theatre Saturday, January 11. All-State Ensembles will perform at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel April 15-18.

All students listed below qualified for Mid-State Honors. Students with an asterisk next to their names earned All-State Honors.

For more information about Mid-State and All-State events, visit the MTSBOA website.

Student NameSchool
Rinaz JamalGrassland Middle
Jessica HuangGrassland Middle
Charlotte CleavesMill Creek Middle
Andrew KimPage Middle
Lukas VardenSpring Station Middle
Judy HsuGrassland Middle
Jay SungBrentwood Middle
Rachel AyalonPage Middle
Caleb ParkWoodland Middle
Richard LiPage Middle
Erin GallersGrassland Middle
Nishanth SundarPage Middle
George PharesPage Middle
Jason JohnsonHeritage Middle
Roman HolgiunBrentwood Middle
Nick DenekasPage Middle
Aidan LeibowitzWoodland Middle
Brayden JonesPage Middle
Anand RajuPage Middle
Joseph McCoyWoodland Middle
Eva WebbGrassland Middle
Scarlett ChildsPage Middle
Maggie SpaidMill Creek Middle
Evan IngmirePage Middle
Caden MohnkePage Middle
Caedmon GoettelGrassland Middle
Peter SingletaryPage Middle
Roman HolgiunThompson's Station Middle
Student NameSchool
Brian XuBrentwood Middle
Caitlin CastleberryWoodland Middle
Megan LohSunset Middle
Clara ZaccariGrassland Middle
Geon ParkBrentwood Middle
Tiffany SeoBrentwood Middle
Sydney DoakWoodland Middle
Sasha VillaruzBrentwood Middle
Ella GoggansMill Creek Middle
Parker GaddSunset Middle
Henry DeVorePage Middle
Brayden ZhangWoodland Middle
Stephie LeeWoodland Middle
Marissa HuggettSunset Middle
Owen KeelerFairview Middle
Haley BaskettWoodland Middle
Diana LuSunset Middle
Jason WangWoodland Middle
Sam BrewerMill Creek Middle
Rami AmmarSunset Middle
Ian FranksThompson's Station Middle
Eva WebbGrassland Middle
Medhini RajkumarMill Creek Middle
Andrea EnriquezSunset Middle
Avantika PillaiMill Creek Middle
Shruti ChakrabortySunset Middle
Angela YangBrentwood Middle
Anna YangBrentwood Middle
Andy GanBrentwood Middle
Daniel OlopadeBrentwood Middle
Jackson NovakWoodland Middle
Isabella VilchesGrassland Middle
Nila KondeeBrentwood Middle
Parker HaralsonGrassland Middle
Naomi ZhangWoodland Middle
Noah KimBrentwood Middle
Sophia WangWoodland Middle
Catherine KimSunset Middle
Luka Hernandez PalmerWoodland Middle
Thomas CochranBrentwood Middle
Simon KingBrentwood Middle
Nolan PruettWoodland Middle
Ethan HillGrassland Middle
Ethan OhMill Creek Middle
Caleb DeeringMill Creek Middle
Marik EdwardsGrassland Middle
Charles OrthmanWoodland Middle
Student NameSchool
Jason JohnsonHeritage Middle
Tate KitaharaSunset Middle
Adam PhillipsPage Middle
Carson PattersonPage Middle
Caden MohnkePage Middle
Deepak BalamuruganSunset Middle
Kyle HarkinsWoodland Middle
Caden DrakePage Middle
Student NameSchool
*Rina XuBrentwood High
Molly VolkerFranklin High
Linda XuRavenwood High
Sarah KimbroSummit High
Ali MullendoreRavenwood High
Emily BarnesRavenwood High
Lucia EnriquezNolensville High
Rachel CollinsFranklin High
Joleen ChenPage High
Aanya KadakiaRavenwood High
Charlie KelsoRavenwood High
*Malek ChmayssaniNolensville High
*Joshua ZhouRavenwood High
*Casey MartensNolensville High
*Cate CampbellNolensville High
Krisha PatelRavenwood High
Nora RomanoNolensville High
Kaleigh BarrettRavenwood High
Ruby XiaoBrentwood High
Dawnbe YuRavenwood High
Ella PatrickBrentwood High
*Evan MandleyCentennial High
Adam KingNolensville High
*Matthew LiuRavenwood High
Tyler AllisonRavenwood High
Kidus YohannesNolensville High
*Hannah GoldstoneNolensville High
Matt HelouRavenwood High
Kyla LeonbergerSummit High
Anna Marie LoveSummit High
Kayla StephensFranklin High
Bradley BorkRavenwood High
*Dorothy BurtSummit High
Colin MillerCentennial High
Reagan RotterNolensville High
Jossalyn VardenFranklin High
Nathan MontpoolNolensville High
Ryan HungerpillerSummit High
Jackson StoneRavenwood High
Jackson ShowalterSummit High
Drew DunawayRavenwood High
Lily CloyesFranklin High
Satchel VaughnNolensville High
Brennan LeePage High
Christian GrahamNolensville High
Kyra KendallFranklin High
Andrew SingletaryPage High
Thomas BorkRavenwood High
Ben SlaugenhouptSummit High
Alexander ScruggsNolensville High
Abby BlountSummit High
Dylan HighNolensville High
Student NameSchool
*Riya MitraRavenwood High
*Kerrigan MandrellNolensville High
*Amy XuBrentwood High
*Joanne KangBrentwood High
*Saurav ChakrabortyRavenwood High
*Madeleine AdamsRavenwood High
Mitchell LohRavenwood High
Amanda HuangRavenwood High
Sam SchaefferRavenwood High
Hahn ChoiBrentwood High
Isaac RiordanFranklin High
Chloe RobinsonFranklin High
Yoojin ParkBrentwood High
Elaine KrellCentennial High
Edith CoreyBrentwood High
Ruby XiaoBrentwood High
Louisa HartBrentwood High
Cynthia XuRavenwood High
Sally ChoiBrentwood High
Yubin SonNolensville High
Davis McKeeFranklin High
Karis PeringsonFranklin High
Ivy BellNolensville High
Julien CambournacBrentwood High
*Sophie LeeRavenwood High
Brookley DavidsonRavenwood High
Mikayla LaneNolensville High
Anabelle BallardNolensville High
Hadley JohnsonIndependence High
Aiden BerryhillBrentwood High
Lauren CheungFranklin High
*Marcus CheungFranklin High
Debra ZhangRavenwood High
Chandler BellFranklin High
Kate GlassRavenwood High
Joseff RibbleNolensville High
*Dylan CookFranklin High
*Kaitlyn WojtakRavenwood High
Carson PruettRavenwood High
Noah MurrayCentennial High
Laura ZimmermanBrentwood High
Braxton AlgoodFranklin High
Student NameSchool
Cianan ReedPage High
Ryan HungerpillerSummit High
Daniel KukCentennial High
Student NameSchool
Emiline RobbinsPage High
Lauren GoodwinNolensville High
Soumitra PilayFranklin High
Hursha KondeeBrentwood High
Eileen HsuFranklin High
Thomas StewartBrentwood High
*Connor FlattPage High
*Simon BiddleBrentwood High
Katie EarnestNolensville High
Karenna CoxBrentwood High
Yashvitha ThatigotlaNolensville High
Ethan BendheimFranklin High
Nicholas GrummonFranklin High
Joshua SmithIndependence High
Chance BrawdersIndependence High
Will StockdaleFranklin High
TingWei ChangeBrentwood High
Annabelle CiscoFranklin High
Emma SowerIndependence High
Katherine HarlowIndependence High
Lee WallenfangBrentwood High
Lily BateyBrentwood High
Yug PatelIndependence High
Angelli AntonioNolensville High
Riley TrauschtBrentwood High
Madison BeyerNolensville High
Ankush DharRavenwood High
Jasper VarsilevskisRavenwood High
*Bill LiRavenwood High
Judson GayNolensville High
Andrew KiepekRavenwood High
Brandon VaughanFranklin High
Ginger BuckBrentwood High
Jackson ComerBrentwood High
Michael BalintPage High
*Sam PiersonNolensville High
Christian DarrFranklin High
Colin SylvesterFranklin High
Benjamin DondanvilleIndependence High
Sydney KruseBrentwood High
Patrick LamaFranklin High
Karson LewisFranklin High
Holland AndrewsNolensville High
Clay BibbyFranklin High
*Brennan AngusSummit High
Lauren LatimoreBrentwood High
Jeffrey RyanPage High
Liam KeckSummit High
Isaac CollinsFranklin High
Student NameSchool
*Anna TouchstoneNolensville High
*Bright JohnstonBrentwood High
*Gael Hernandez PalmerRavenwood High
*Alexis ReedCentennial High
Eshani MehtaRavenwood High
Launna AtkinsonBrentwood High
*Selina WangRavenwood High
Emily BakerIndependence High
*Kristen LeeRavenwood High
Emily JungBrentwood High
Ella KeurCentennial High
Sydney AdkisonNolensville High
Avery NoeNolensville High
Carter PottsCentennial High