Ten-year-old Aubry Gates is known for being both dependable and responsible.

The fifth grader has impressed teachers at Hunters Bend Elementary this year with her integrity, commitment and ownership of her education.

“Aubry exemplifies our eight keys of excellence here at Hunters Bend,” said her teachers. “She gives 100 percent in all of her assignments; she communicates in a positive and honest way; and she defines and commits herself to goals in the classroom. It’s our pleasure to name Aubry this year’s Academic All-Star.”

Aubry has attended Hunters Bend since kindergarten and says the teachers are nice and they know how to make learning fun. Her favorite subject is social studies because she enjoys studying past events.

“I like learning about the history of Tennessee,” said Aubry. “We are studying the Great Depression and World War II right now which has been interesting. We also learned about World War I and the Roaring 20’s this year.”

Social studies may be her favorite subject, but PE is Aubry’s favorite class. It’s no surprise when you consider Aubry’s dream job.

“I want to be a famous soccer player when I grow up,” said Aubry. “I play travel soccer, and it’s a lot of fun.”

Soccer is just one of Aubry’s many interests. She also runs track, plays the piano, swims and plays basketball.¬†With all of her extra-curricular activities, Aubry’s teachers say they’re impressed by her time management skills.

“Aubry shows balance by how she uses her time wisely in the classroom,” said her teachers. “She makes each moment, each task, and each day in the class count. We are fortunate to have a student who is ready to learn and give her best each day. We’re very proud of her.”