Hillsboro third grader Charlee Hodges is a natural leader who treats her classmates and teachers with respect. She’s also a hard worker who isn’t afraid to try her best. For those reasons and more, teachers and administrators at Hillsboro selected Charlee as this year’s Academic All-Star for kindergarten through fifth grades.

“Charlee is a well-rounded student who tries her best in every subject,” said her teachers. “She is meticulous and detail oriented when it comes to completing tasks and projects. When the question may seem too daunting or difficult, she perseveres.”

Charlee loves her teachers at Hillsboro and says her two favorite subjects are math and science.

“I like math because it’s fun,” said Charlee. “I enjoy science because we do a lot of experiments. This one time, we had marshmallows, toothpicks and cardboard and we had to make a three-story structure that could survive a landslide.”

In addition to math and science, Charlee also has a passion for art.

“That’s my favorite,” said Charlee, who revealed she wants to be an artist when she gets older. “I’m really good at it, and I have a lot of pictures I’ve made at home that are special.”

According to her teachers, the progress Charlee has made this year is nothing short of spectacular which is why they were so proud to nominate her for this award.

“Charlee has made some incredible strides since August,” said her teachers. “We are confident she will continue in her academic success through the end of the year.”