Franklin High students are creating self-driving cars, and they’re doing so without instructions.

In September, students in FHS teacher Brent Greene’s class were tasked with creating an autonomous vehicle. They were divided into teams and began with virtual designs to get an idea of what their cars would look like.

The next steps were planning the build and then actually beginning construction of the cars using supplies in the classroom.

“It’s very interactive,” said FHS junior Morgan Gnagy. “It’s a year-long project, and it’s very team-based. It’s not a lot of hypothetical stuff or teachers telling you to do things.”

While assembling the car, the students are learning about electrical engineering and how to program the car with the necessary software and hardware. The vehicles have to be completed by mid-March when students can make no more changes before the final test.

“It’s fun, challenging and pushes students to accomplish more than they ever thought possible,” Greene said. “They aren’t given a blueprint or instructions on how to build. They are just told what is wanted, when and what the car needs to be able to do.”