Dozens of WCS students are earning praise for their artistic talents.

The students are among this year’s recipients of the Middle Tennessee Scholastic Art Awards.¬†These awards recognize stand-out and creative art pieces from around Middle Tennessee.

In addition to being displayed at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens through March 15, the Gold Key winners have the opportunity to win awards at the national level.

The students who won awards are listed below:

Gold Key Award Winners

Student NameWork TitleWork CategorySchool Name
Jillian DeGrieStressedDrawing and IllustrationBrentwood High
Jillian DeGrieJohnDrawing and IllustrationBrentwood High
Claudia GroveWoven Ceramic BowlSculptureBrentwood High
Alice GuoDivine ShoePaintingBrentwood High
Lila HoreshContinuitySculptureBrentwood High
Keunwoo ParkReflectionPhotographyBrentwood High
Alana AkovenkoPhotographyBrentwood Middle
Amy ParkPaintingBrentwood Middle
Cara SullivanThe Best Dog in the WorldPaintingBrentwood Middle
Katelyn DarnellUntitledCeramics and GlassCentennial High
Aimee KargerPetri DishesMixed MediaCentennial High
Alina SpatzThe OutlierPaintingCentennial High
Alina SpatzThe Price of PassionDrawing and IllustrationCentennial High
Logan BockStrawberry SundaeFilm and AnimationIndependence High
Logan BockMultEYEfariousFilm and AnimationIndependence High
Amy CsakiSiphoning ThoughtsDigital ArtIndependence High
McKenzie OwensKings and QueensDigital ArtIndependence High
Lauren SchwartzEvePaintingIndependence High
Gabe ThiemanIt's GamedayDesignIndependence High
McKenna AquinoSelf-PortraitDrawing and IllustrationMill Creek Middle
Annabelle MullenixSelf-PortraitDrawing and IllustrationMill Creek Middle
Michaela RayWaitingPhotographyNolensville High
Brianna McVayMan with Orange ShirtPaintingNolensville High
Minyoung JoAcrophobiaPaintingRavenwood High
Minyoung JoSymbiosisPaintingRavenwood High
Madison SmithCucurbita MaximaDrawing and IllustrationRavenwood High
Madeline ZhangCrash LandingSculptureRavenwood High
Nola CraigFacing the WorldDrawing and IllustrationSummit High
Nola CraigHanging OutDrawing and IllustrationSummit High
Ashlyn HenleyEzerArt PortfolioSummit High
Nora Leigh"Did I Get It?"Drawing and IllustrationSummit High
Nora LeighPerception of BeautyDrawing and IllustrationSummit High
Vanessa SanchezJar of ArtDrawing and IllustrationSummit High

Silver Key Award Winners

Student NameWork TitleWork CategorySchool Name
Jillian DeGrieStone GiraffeSculptureBrentwood High
Lila HoreshMy Yellow VansSculptureBrentwood High
Lila HoreshPensiveSculptureBrentwood High
Angela HuoCrumpled BottlePaintingBrentwood High
Hallie PittsCandy StringsPaintingBrentwood High
Alice QuWho Are You?Mixed MediaBrentwood High
Caroline Southard-SmithOur LossDrawing and IllustrationBrentwood High
Jack WilsonIs There Anybody in There?PhotographyBrentwood High
Katelyn DarnellUntitledCeramics and GlassCentennial High
Aimee KargerOrphanagePaintingCentennial High
Olivia WolfsonAltered VermeerPaintingFranklin High
Jia HuangThe BotanicowlDrawing and IllustrationGrassland Middle
Johannah INgramAfrocubanaDrawing and IllustrationIndependence High
Kiersten Maddox"You'd Be More Beautiful If Were White..."Drawing and IllustrationIndependence High
Kiersten MaddoxHiding Behind the HeadwearDrawing and IllustrationIndependence High
McKenzie OwensHorses: The Equestrian WorldFilm and AnimationIndependence High
McKenzie OwensSerenityDrawing and IllustrationIndependence High
Allison Rasmussen"The Waves" Book CoverDesignIndependence High
Lauren SchwartzBaby Blue LacePaintingIndependence High
Lauren SchwartzJust One More PiecePaintingIndependence High
Madisyn SearlesSynaesthesiaDigital ArtIndependence High
Gabe ThiemanFor the BoysDesignIndependence High
Corinna VollmerHidden in the MusicPaintingIndependence High
Thanh PhamSelf-PortraitDrawing and IllustrationMill Creek Middle
Rachel GantTime PassesMixed Media Nolensville High
Rachel GantSilenceDrawing and IllustrationNolensville High
Jordan HarrisCuriosityPhotographyNolensville High
Emma MckinneyElizaPhotographyNolensville High
Jasmine MordenOld NewsPhotographyNolensville High
Michaela RayWhimsicalDrawing and IllustrationNolensville High
Emily BurlingameOutDrawing and IllustrationRavenwood High
Capri EasterdayBefore the CarveDrawing and IllustrationRavenwood High
Fangyu GuoVenice HolidayPrintmakingRavenwood High
Madison SmithSydneyPrintmakingRavenwood High
Madeline ZhangOrganic, Farm FreshDrawing and IllustrationRavenwood High
Madeline ZhangEveryone Belongs at Your School LibraryDrawing and IllustrationRavenwood High
Madeline EllisVulnerableDrawing and IllustrationSummit High
Alexandra FranseI'm Not Sharing!Drawing and IllustrationSummit High
Alexandra FranseSoggy ReflectionsDrawing and IllustrationSummit High
Jesse HouleDaydreamerDrawing and IllustrationSummit High
Nora LeighAnd I Oop -Drawing and IllustrationSummit High
Nora LeighGrueling InevitabilityDrawing and IllustrationSummit High
Rebecca LillyFace PaintPaintingSummit High
Michael MarrisonFatal BeautyDrawing and IllustrationSummit High
Chloe SalvatoreSunkissedPaintingSummit High
Chloe SalvatoreGive and TakeDrawing and IllustrationSummit High

Honorable Mentions

Student NameWork TitleWork CategorySchool Name
Sarah CaiStargazingDrawing and IllustrationBrentwood High
Caroline CalvinPlayPhotographyBrentwood High
Claudia GroveRiverSculptureBrentwood High
Mattie HargisPretty WomenDrawing and IllustrationBrentwood High
Lila HoreshI Want My MTVPaintingBrentwood High
Jordan HurtBee BoxSculptureBrentwood High
Avery JohnsLimitlessSculptureBrentwood High
Avery JohnsUnitedSculptureBrentwood High
Sriya KakaralaKerala HouseArchitecture and Industrial DesignBrentwood High
Lincoln MooreThe House CitySculptureBrentwood High
Lauren NicholsonShattered SightDrawing and IllustrationBrentwood High
Alice QuMr. Egg + Raw Beef RamenPaintingBrentwood High
Alice QuMercy's TetralogyDrawing and IllustrationBrentwood High
Caroline Southard-SmithPortrait of Julia LeeDrawing and IllustrationBrentwood High
Lauren TaylorSedonaPaintingBrentwood High
Jack WilsonPetersonPaintingBrentwood High
Katelyn DarnellUntitledCeramics and GlassCentennial High
Sam CraddockVeniceDrawing and IllustrationFranklin High
Emme GloverFrench QuarterPaintingFranklin High
Ashley LauterbachSerenityMixed MediaFranklin High
Jia HuangMachine IllusionDrawing and IllustrationGrassland Middle
Annette CamposAlgodonPaintingIndependence High
McKenzie OwensCavalierDesignIndependence High
Ashlyn PauseThe UpsidePhotographyIndependence High
Ashlyn PauseParking LotPhotographyIndependence High
Lauren SchwartzIntrovertedDrawing and IllustrationIndependence High
Madisyn SearlesSui GenerisDigital ArtIndependence High
Gabe ThiemanHrishiDesignIndependence High
Thanh PhamFamily Portrait from a Shoe Point of ViewDrawing and IllustrationMill Creek Middle
Rachel GantIndie MusicDrawing and IllustrationNolensville High
Jacob PaulMy GrandfatherPaintingNolensville High
Brody SkipperWoman in ChairPhotographyNolensville High
Capri EasterdayCuriosityDrawing and IllustrationRavenwood High
Minyoung JoIsolation IIPaintingRavenwood High
Minyoung JoKoiPaintingRavenwood High
Minyoung JoBodyDrawing and IllustrationRavenwood High
Aarushi KhannaPumpkinsDrawing and IllustrationRavenwood High
Adam KreiderVegetable MenMixed MediaRavenwood High
Katie MankamyerVitiligoDigital ArtRavenwood High
Gianna MiniasThe Beauty of NaturePhotographyRavenwood High
Akanksha PandeyAutumn's AuraDrawing and IllustrationRavenwood High
Madeline ZhangBombingMixed MediaRavenwood High
Madeline ZhangA Tribute to Mrs. DouglasPaintingRavenwood High
Madeline ZhangIs the Art Appreciation? Mixed MediaRavenwood High
Nola CraigSummer ReflectionsDrawing and IllustrationSummit High
Nola CraigDestinyPaintingSummit High
Austin DaileyUpside DownPhotographySummit High
Madeline EllisCharlieDrawing and IllustrationSummit High
Madeline Ellis Dripping in ChainsDrawing and IllustrationSummit High
Alexandra FranseFresh MeatDrawing and IllustrationSummit High
Alexandra FranseFirst LoveDrawing and IllustrationSummit High
Yuliya MelnychenkoFrail EleganceDrawing and IllustrationSummit High
Louie PecceHigh and MightyDrawing and IllustrationSummit High
Anastasia TyndallMy World is FlippedDrawing and IllustrationSummit High