Although fewer than 0.2 percent of test-takers earn a perfect 36 composite on the ACT exam, seven more Williamson County Schools students have joined the elite group.

Brentwood High’s Bronwyn Harris, Eric Sang and Kylie Overton all earned a perfect composite score on their ACT exams.

“We are very proud of them,” said Brentwood High Principal Kevin Keidel. “These well-rounded students have a great work ethic and are well-respected by their classmates.”

They are joined by Independence High’s Joshua Cannon and Justin Saye and Ravenwood High’s Ryan Jordan and Aaron Wu.

“Aaron’s deep understanding of the course content and his eagerness to share that understanding in class enriches the learning of every student in the classroom,” said teachers at Ravenwood High. “Ryan goes above and beyond of what is asked of him. He is always willing to lend a hand to others and he is kind and respectful.”