It’s Green Week in Williamson County Schools.

This student-led initiative started when student body presidents from six high schools came together over the summer. The goal is to be eco-friendly in schools across Williamson County. Each day has a theme, a color for students to wear and an environmentally-friendly goal to accomplish.

As more schools joined the initiative, Page High Student Body President Kylie Foley and Senior Class President Avery Smith brought the project to the district level. After talking with Superintendent Jason Golden and Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools Dr. Leigh Webb, Green Week was brought to high school principals and student groups across the county.

Student representatives from Brentwood, Centennial, Franklin, Independence, Page and Summit high schools created short videos for students to watch throughout the week. Some of the suggestions made in the videos include turning off lights when leaving a room, recycling and carpooling.

“We are student body presidents from various schools in Williamson County with one goal to promote and educate environmental awareness in the community,” said the representatives. “Every day we see the potential for greatness in our schools and the passion to make a difference. What better way to do that than by promotion environmental awareness to our student bodies?”

The students don’t plan for Green Week to be a one-time event. In the future, the group plans for Green Week to take place during the last week of February each year.

“As the initiative grows, we hope to have the week end with a Green Fair to showcase local environmentally-friendly businesses, feature student work from Green Week, have local food trucks and more,” said Page High faculty sponsor Megan Stitt.

Videos for each day are available on Page High’s YouTube channel. Tuesday’s video can be viewed below: