Teachers and staff at Jordan Elementary School can’t say enough nice things about third grader Dash Abrams.

In just his second year at Jordan, Dash has already earned a reputation as a responsible and hard-working student, which is why teachers selected him as this year’s Academic All-Star.

“Dash is a hardworking, funny and respectful young man,” said literacy coach Dona McElvain. “He is always willing to do whatever you ask him to do without complaint.”

Dash says the thing he likes most about Jordan Elementary is that everyone is nice, including the principal. If he had to pick a favorite subject, he says it would be reading.

“I like to read because it’s fun,” said Dash, who revealed he’d like to be a doctor when he grows up. “I like it because you get to use your imagination.”

Not only is Dash known for his hard work in the classroom, he’s also known for being quite thoughtful.

“One day when Dash and I were working on some math problems, I mentioned that I loved Twix candy bars,” said math coach Traci Wood. “The day after Halloween, Dash showed up at my office with all of his Twix candy bars from trick or treating the night before.”

Third grade teacher Mallory Thomas couldn’t agree more, calling Dash the ultimate gentleman.

“Dash is quick to greet others and say good morning; he goes out of his way to help anyone who needs it; and he is the most hard working student imaginable,” said Thomas. “To know him is to love him.”