Nolensville High made history of its own during the 10th annual Sarah Bayrd American History Bowl by walking away with the first place trophy for the first time.

The Nolensville High team included David Taylor, Antonio Ahanj, Ian Corder, Jack Hoeffler, Avery Noe and Elliott Boualaphanh.

On February 27, Brentwood, Centennial, Franklin, Independence, Nolensville, Page, Ravenwood and Summit high schools all competed in the History Bowl.

In an effort to encourage a love of history and honor the memory of Brentwood High teacher Sarah Bayrd, members of the City of Brentwood Historic Commission come up with questions to ask the students. Similar to the game show Jeopardy, there are four rounds of fast-paced questions for students to answer. On the final question, students risk it all to answer correctly.

At the end of the night, Nolensville High earned a $750 cash prize for the win; Summit High took home $650; and Brentwood High won $550.

“I’m very proud of the hard work of each member of our team,” said NHS teacher Rebecca Leeper. “It’s very rewarding to watch the students compete and have an opportunity to show what they know. I love the History Bowl because it provides a place for these brilliant students to compete. Every year, I am impressed by the talented students representing each school.”