Ravenwood High speech and debate students are keeping the win streak alive with their latest performance at the Smoky Mountain Invitational in Gatlinburg.

Students spent February 27-29 in the Smoky Mountains as they tested their skills against those of their peers. With a variety of categories including improvisation, prose and poetry, Ravenwood High students earned the most points in the competition and won the tournament’s sweepstakes.

In additional to their success in the sweepstakes category, the students placed in numerous individual categories. The students who placed in their events are listed below:

After Dinner Speaking

  • Gavin Brock, Second
  • Ella Ridlen, Third
  • Caroline Meyer, Fifth
  • Shreesha Yelameli, Semifinalist


  • Trisha Mazumdar, Second
  • Srichi Dalai, Sixth
  • Mayher Bedi, Quarterfinalist
  • Jirayu Paueksakon, Quarterfinalist

Dramatic Interpretation

  • Natalie Porter, Semifinalist
  • Caroline Meyer, Semifinalist

Duo Interpretation

  • Caroline Meyer and Ella Miller, First
  • Olivia Williams and Kendal Kocian, Semifinalist
  • Ian Brown and Edward Lee, Semifinalist

Humorous Interpretation

  • Fallon O’Donnell, First
  • Shreesha Yelameli, Second
  • Gavin Brock, Third

Impromptu Speaking

  • Mayher Bedi, Quarterfinalist
  • Aryn Chadha, Quarterfinalist


  • Gavin Brock and Kendal Kocian, First
  • Claire Hopfensperger and Sriya Kondapavaluru, Third
  • Lily Wilson and Srichi Dalai, Sixth
  • Aryn Chadha and Jirayu Paueksakon, Semifinalist
  • Ian Brown and Edward Lee, Semifinalist

Informative Speaking

  • Claire Hopfensperger, Second
  • Ella Ridlen, Semifinalist

Persuasive Speaking

  • Mayher Bedi, Sixth


  • Natalie Porter, First
  • Sriya Kondapavaluru, Third

Program Oral Interpretation

  • Natalie Porter, Fourth


  • Olivia Williams, Second
  • Claire Hopfensperger, Semifinalist
  • Ella Ridlen, Semifinalist
  • Kendal Kocian, Semifinalist

Radio Broadcasting

  • Fallon O’Donnell, First
  • Sriya Konapavaluru, Fourth
  • Lily Wilson, Fifth
  • Mayher Bedi, Quarterfinalist
  • Amal Sam, Quarterfinalist
  • Nick Forster-Benson, Quarterfinalist


  • Fallon O’Donnell, First
  • Lily Wilson, Second

Public Forum Debate

  • Ashwin Balaje and Rohan Jaisinghani, Third
  • Nick Nicastro and William Fiechtel, Fourth

Trithon (Total Points in Interpretation, Improvisation and Written Categories)

  • Gavin Brock, First
  • Claire Hopfensperger, Third