The 2019-20 school year has come to an end, and high schools around the district are proud to recognize their valedictorians and salutatorians.

The valedictorians and salutatorians are first and second in their class, respectively. Beginning with the Class of 2020, many schools have multiple valedictorians and salutatorians.

Congratulations to the following students:

Brentwood High

 Connor Brons
Connor BronsValedictorian
Ginger Buck
Ginger BuckValedictorian
Michael Dillender
Michael DillenderValedictorian
Michael Finch
Michael FinchValedictorian
Kathryn Gripenstraw
Kathryn GripenstrawValedictorian
Luke Lattin
Luke LattinValedictorian
Mithul Nallaka
Mithul NallakaValedictorian
Pardhav Polavarapu
Pardhav PolavarapuValedictorian
Thomas Stewart
Thomas StewartValedictorian
Phoebe Young
Phoebe YoungValedictorian
Chris Alley
Chris AlleySalutatorian
Mary Claire Armistead
Mary Claire ArmisteadSalutatorian
Sidharth Babu
Sidharth BabuSalutatorian
Hannah Bachrach
Hannah BachrachSalutatorian
John Bailey
John BaileySalutatorian
Anabelle Blanchet
Anabelle BlanchetSalutatorian
William Brown
William BrownSalutatorian
Brendan Burke
Brendan BurkeSalutatorian
Charles Cameron
Charles CameronSalutatorian
Sarah Fisher
Sarah FisherSalutatorian
Catherine Forbes
Catherine ForbesSalutatorian
Frederic Green
Frederic GreenSalutatorian
Spencer Gries
Spencer GriesSalutatorian
Rohan Gupta
Rohan GuptaSalutatorian
Jun Yang Hur
Jun Yang HurSalutatorian
Jordan Hurt
Jordan HurtSalutatorian
Lauren Hurt
Lauren HurtSalutatorian
Christina Jin
Christina JinSalutatorian
Avery Johns
Avery JohnsSalutatorian
Sydney Johns
Sydney JohnsSalutatorian
Andrew Kim
Andrew KimSalutatorian
Kevin McGuire
Kevin McGuireSalutatorian
Sarah Memon
Sarah MemonSalutatorian
Sarah Miller
Sarah MillerSalutatorian
Olivia Moody
Olivia MoodySalutatorian
Avinash Patri
Avinash PatriSalutatorian
Molly Robinette
Molly RobinetteSalutatorian
Madison Saxton
Madison SaxtonSalutatorian
Chris Shiflett
Chris ShiflettSalutatorian
Lindsey Skold
Lindsey SkoldSalutatorian

Centennial High

Lily Britto
Lily BrittoValedictorian
Lexis Khetsavanh
Lexis KhetsavanhValedictorian
James Thomas
James ThomasValedictorian
Jason Black
Jason BlackSalutatorian
Jessica DeBuse
Jessica DeBuseSalutatorian
Emily Fleming
Emily FlemingSalutatorian
Caroline Pierce
Caroline PierceSalutatorian
Olivia Ward
Olivia WardSalutatorian
Tanner Watkins
Tanner WatkinsSalutatorian

Fairview High

Alexandria Bush
Alexandria BushValedictorian
Anna Sherwood
Anna SherwoodSalutatorian
Maia Sudbrock
Maia SudbrockSalutatorian

Franklin High

Dina Cui
Dina CuiValedictorian
Christian Darr
Christian DarrValedictorian
Nicholas Grummon
Nicholas GrummonValedictorian
Jinsun Kim
Jinsun KimValedictorian
David Xu
David XuValedictorian
Jillian Amsler
Jillian AmslerSalutatorian
Emily Bechtel
Emily BechtelSalutatorian
Michael Brown
Michael BrownSalutatorian
Ellery Hall
Ellery HallSalutatorian
Marym Hana
Marym HanaSalutatorian
Spencer Jones
Spencer JonesSalutatorian
Benjamin Menko
Benjamin MenkoSalutatorian
Natasha Messier
Natasha MessierSalutatorian
Sydney Ramsay
Sydney RamsaySalutatorian
Maria Sanchez-Boedo
Maria Sanchez-BoedoSalutatorian
Jack Wilcox
Jack WilcoxSalutatorian
Nathan Wood
Nathan WoodSalutatorian

Independence High

Collin Coil
Collin CoilValedictorian
Lydia Haworth
Lydia HaworthValedictorian
Scott Coberly
Scott CoberlySalutatorian
Sydney Coil
Sydney CoilSalutatorian
Samantha Dreussi
Samantha DreussiSalutatorian
Dylan Fichter
Dylan FichterSalutatorian
Stephanie Hintz
Stephanie HintzSalutatorian
Harrison James
Harrison JamesSalutatorian
Rebekah May
Rebekah MaySalutatorian

Nolensville High

Sydney Hummel
Sydney HummelValedictorian
Judson Gay
Judson GaySalutatorian
Sam Skelley
Sam SkelleySalutatorian
David Taylor
David TaylorSalutatorian

Page High

Carsten Rovey
Carsten RoveyValedictorian
Andrew Sullivan
Andrew SullivanValedictorian
Michael Balint
Michael BalintSalutatorian
Dora Chen
Dora ChenSalutatorian
Celeste Davis
Celeste DavisSalutatorian
Connor Flatt
Connor FlattSalutatorian
Lydia Guertin
Lydia GuertinSalutatorian
Garrett Hunt
Garrett HuntSalutatorian
Elijah Tidwell
Elijah TidwellSalutatorian
Amanda Webb
Amanda WebbSalutatorian

Ravenwood High

Ashwin Balaje
Ashwin BalajeValedictorian
Ian Brown
Ian BrownValedictorian
Ankush Dhar
Ankush DharValedictorian
Samuel Duggan
Samuel DugganValedictorian
Mrinmoyee Kalasikam
Mrinmoyee KalasikamValedictorian
Andrew Kiepek
Andrew KiepekValedictorian
Adam Kreider
Adam KreiderValedictorian
Rithika Tummala
Rithika TummalaValedictorian
William Reinke
William ReinkeValedictorian
Joel Barnes
Joel BarnesSalutatorian
Talton Cooper
Talton CooperSalutatorian
Spencer Dunn
Spencer DunnSalutatorian
Hannah French
Hannah FrenchSalutatorian
Ian Gatlin
Ian GatlinSalutatorian
Jennifer Hall
Jennifer HallSalutatorian
Evan Hiatt
Evan HiattSalutatorian
Kristen Lee
Kristen LeeSalutatorian
Chase Lewis
Chase LewisSalutatorian
Sofia Oguntolu
Sofia OguntoluSalutatorian
Bryson Tener
Bryson TenerSalutatorian
Harrison Wilkinson
Harrison WilkinsonSalutatorian
Madeline Zhang
Madeline ZhangSalutatorian

Renaissance High

Brynn Jones
Brynn JonesValedictorian
Marel Smietana
Marel SmietanaValedictorian
Claudia Jenkins
Claudia JenkinsSalutatorian
Emily Lacey
Emily LaceySalutatorian
Zakariah Sohrabi
Zakariah SohrabiSalutatorian

Summit High

Noah Bell
Noah BellValedictorian
Mikayla Fantine
Mikayla FantineSalutatorian
Cole Gershkovich
Cole GershkovichSalutatorian