Elementary school teachers, administrators and bus drivers aren’t letting the pandemic keep them from seeing their students face-to-face.

This month, the schools participated in their very own bus parades. The first parades were held May 1 in the southern part of the county. Teachers and staff from Allendale, Bethesda, Chapman’s Retreat, Heritage, Longview and Thompson’s Station elementary schools decorated buses and traveled the routes to greet students and families who had gathered outside their homes.

Those parades were so successful that the rest of the elementary schools in the district followed suit with their own parades May 13. Educators say it was a great opportunity to reconnect with their students and families as the school year comes to an end.

“We get the opportunity to see our students, and, more importantly, our students get the opportunity to see us,” said Longview Elementary Principal Dr. Kathy Ball. “We were just thrilled to be able to put this together.”