Beginning June 1, Williamson County school buildings will open to students, staff and visitors in a limited capacity.

Principals will communicate hours to their school communities, and information about on-campus procedures and expectations will be posted at each building entrance.

Students, staff and visitors can expect to follow a specific set of on campus guidelines to include temperature checks and wearing a mask or face covering while in the building. Additional details regarding procedures can be found on the WCS website.

“We have taken the guidance provided by the CDC as well as guidance by the Governor and developed a procedure that we believe will help to protect our staff, students and visitors when coming onto campus,” said WCS Safety and Security Director Michael Fletcher. “We are in the process of training staff members who will be working with students directly and staff in our front offices who will be screening those who come into our buildings.”

The video below explains what parents can expect when visiting school buildings:

In addition, students who participate in extracurricular activities will also be asked to follow specific instructions when coming onto a school campus. Those guidelines can be found in the video below.