We are Jordan, We are Jets

The Jordan Jets are a proud group of students, parents, faculty, and staff.  We work to support each other to be successful and reach our full potential.

School History

Jordan Elementary School opened its doors in August 2018.  The school is named in honor of George Jordan, a local African American born slave who later became a war hero.  Jordan was born as a slave in Williamson County in 1847.  He enlisted in the 38th Infantry Regiment in 1866, as an illiterate 19 year old just out of slavery.  He proved a capable solider, learned to read and write, and rose in the ranks becoming a sergeant in 1879.  He earned a Congressional Medal of Honor for his service in the Indian Wars.  He was the only Williamson County resident to do so.  Community support played a big role in having the school named after Jordan.  Local high school students recommended the name to honor this hometown hero.  The school board voted on the name Jordan Elementary in the fall of 2017.

After the name Jordan was chosen, a group of future Jordan parents and students came together with administration to brainstorm mascots for the school.  A number of options were suggested, but the group narrowed it down to a top three.  Logos were drafted for each potential mascot.  The three options were put before the Jordan community for an electronic vote, and the Jets was chosen as the winner!

Jordan’s Mission

World Class, Every Class

Jordan Jets logo