Related Arts Classes

At Jordan Elementary School, students attend “specials” classes designed to enrich the daily curriculum.  Students will participate in art, life skills, music, library, and physical education.  Learn more about what students will be learning as they visit each class on the specials rotation.

Art class at Jordan uses a disciplined based art education approach to instruction and learning in art using four foundational disciplines in art – Art Production, Art Criticism, Art History and Aesthetics. Students focus on the “Elements of Art” (what we use to make art) and the “Principals of Design” (how it is arranged on the page) as they create. Students study different artists and cultures, they learn how to talk about art and to explain what they like about various works art, including art of their peers. Students try to integrate what they are doing in the art room with what they are studying in the classroom.

During library classes students engage in a variety of activities aimed at helping students develop a lifelong love of reading.  Lessons support learning in the classroom as well as help students become independent users of the library, explore a variety of literature, and learn how to access information from print and digital resources.  Makerspace and STEM activities provide opportunities for students to create and problem solve.  Students are also able to check out books during their class time.  To learn more about our Media Center page to learn more about our policies and resources.

Each class comes to the Life Skills classroom for age appropriate lessons designed to engage students in the development of the following lifelong skills: respect for individual differences, positive self-esteem, emotional awareness, decision-making and problem-solving skills, study skills, goal-setting, social skills, conflict resolution, personal safety and internet safety, career awareness, and understanding the career-school connection. A student’s elementary school years set the tone for developing the knowledge, attitudes, and necessary skill set for children to become well-rounded learners.

​It is the goal of the music program at Jordan to introduce and involve students in the active creating and understanding of music. Throughout the year students will discover new aspects of the world of music. Students will sing, dance, play instruments, compose and analyze music all in a supportive and exploitative environment. In the music room, we will explore music from other world cultures and time periods in history and how they relate to the world today. As part of the learning objectives second and fourth grades will perform in grade level programs. Third through fifth grade students will have the opportunity to further their musical knowledge through choir. It is our goal that every student leaves Jordan with a solid foundation in music appreciation and the ability to create with the art form that we hear every day.

Students participate in PE bi-weekly as part of the specials classes rotation.  We have planned a well-rounded instructional physical education program for students throughout the school year. Our PE curriculum is based on the 5 state and national standards of movement, gymnastics, dance, sport skills, and physical fitness.  It will be necessary for each student to participate in order to fully benefit from the program.  The activities used in class will increase your child’s endurance, flexibility, strength and coordination, as well as provide a better understanding and appreciation of various sports and fitness activities.  All students should have tennis shoes for this class.  A doctor’s excuse is required for non-participation.