Helpful Information for Parents and Students

Whether you are new to LES or a returning student, please look below for lists of resources for both students and parents. Feel free to contact us if you can not find the information you need. We welcome you!

The Lipscomb sign says "This school loves kids"

Arrival Information:

-Students arriving by car may enter through the front doors. The building opens promptly at 8:25 AM. Parents must not allow students to leave cars until LES staff members are in their positions in the car lanes at 8:25.  Do not enter through the bus entrance on Concord Road to drop off students! Students arriving by bus will enter through the cafeteria doors. Any student who is tardy (except in the case of a late bus) must have responsible person sign them in through the office.

Dismissal Information:

-We dismiss students as Civitan walkers, car riders, walkers, bike riders and bus riders. Busses are coded by colors. Your child should know their bus number and their color. Civitan walkers must have a note on file in the front office to have permission to exit this way. Teachers will meet students in the building and walk them down to the Civitan parking lot.  All students will be seated, then parents will need to come in through the gate and take their children by the hands and walk them to your cars. 

-Pickup in the front: Please return to you car as quickly as possible to keep the traffic flow moving. Kindergartners wait along the wall with their teachers. First – fifth graders will be waiting in a designated area by their last name. They will always be in the same area. This should help you locate your child more easily. Please look for your child in this area. Do not park on Lipscomb Drive and walk up to get your child. Please follow the rules, and listen to the teachers and the traffic guard on duty.

-Students must have a SIGNED note by their parent or guardian giving permission for the child to get off the bus in a location other than their designated bus stop.

-Car Services:  Uber and Lyft have a policy that prohibits them from transporting minors.  No students will be allowed to be dismissed with a car service.

LES Dismissal Car Rider Map

Civitan Dismissal Procedures


We ask the following:

When your child is sick, please always send a note.

Provide a doctor’s note any time you can and ask your doctor to list the specific dates your child should be excused from school.

Limit family trips to the scheduled holidays in our calendar. Family trips during the school year will be unexcused except in certain circumstances and with the principal’s approval.

We cannot provide make up work in advance when your child is absent. We will work with you to ensure your child gets caught up when they return.

New District Protocol:

When a student has three unexcused absences your child’s teacher will call to check in and determine why your child is absent.

The school can accept parent notes if your student has 8 or fewer absences. After 8 absences your child must have a doctor’s note excusing the absence.

If a student has 5 unexcused absences, the family and child will need to meet with the principal or principal designee. An attendance contract will be created.

If the student continues to accumulate additional unexcused absences then parents and students will be required to attend a regional truancy awareness meeting hosted by the Williamson County Schools Truancy Intervention Officer. Home visits, meetings with the school social worker and counselor could also be required.

Support Lipscomb Elementary School by visiting our Online School Management System to make an investment.Simply complete the donation form for LES and leave a description for your choice of investment to LES such as Academics, Arts, Technology or General. Your investment is a tax deductible, charitable gift. Thank you for supporting LES!


Please do not bring in any food from any outside vendors. Our school meal prices for all students will increase as follows:

K-5 Lunch will be $2.90

Reduced price lunch will remain $0.40

Adults (remain the same) – Lunch: $3.50Also, free/reduced lunch forms are available in the office or on the District website.

Parents are welcome to come to lunch to eat lunch with his/her own child. You will need to sit at the parent table. Children may not invite a friend to eat with them (it can be just the parent and his/her own child). This is another district-wide safety procedure being put in place.


Apple Watches and Cell Phones are not allowed.  If a child brings one of these to school, they must be turned off and left in the child’s backpack.  Students should only bring their own technology to school when instructed to by his/her teacher.

Transportation Changes:

As you make plans for the upcoming school year, we ask that you develop a consistent weekly plan for your child’s afternoon transportation. Your child’s teacher should know exactly how your child is to go home each day. It’s helpful if the plan remains the same every week. We do not allow early dismissals past 3:15 p.m. so we can ensure we get everyone going home the correct way.