The Bears!

At Lipscomb Elementary School, we are all dedicated to the intellectual and educational development of every student. We encourage discovery, learning, and working together to make Lipscomb the best school it can be. Lipscomb’s staff, students, and parents are proud of our school, and share a vibrant school spirit in everything we do. Together we grow and learn to most effectively benefit our students. We share a rich heritage in education dating back to 1866.

The original “Lipscomb Academy” School was founded in 1866 by Professor William Lipscomb who came from Murfreesboro to Owens Station (now Brentwood). Students came from as far away as Kentucky and Alabama to attend the wooden two-room school. Students lived in the homes of neighboring farm families, brought their lunches in pails and carried water from a far-off spring to the building. The original two-room building continued to be used until 1948, when it was replaced with a new larger brick building.

Many fine ladies such as Miss Sophie Baird and Miss Sue Owen taught at Lipscomb during this early part of its history. Some who may have served as principals were Miss Ruby Primm, Mrs. John Holt, Lora Fly and Mr. Jere Farley.

By 1951, Mr. Dennis Wyatt was the principal and enrollment was starting to increase. There were four teachers and more classrooms were needed, so the cafeteria was divided into rooms. Three classrooms were also added in 1954 when A.B. Thomas was principal. In 1957, Mr. Bobbie Lee Crisp was appointed principal.

On February 12, 1958, the building was destroyed by fire. Students attended classes at the old Franklin High School, where the Board of Education is now located. Mr. W. C. White became principal in 1958; and in 1959 the students and faculty returned to the new, larger building which was built on the original foundation. There were eight large classrooms, principal’s office, kitchen and a cafeteria/ auditorium. The PTA began a new library in the principal’s outer office: fathers built the bookcases and mothers catalogued the new books donated by parents and the State. Mothers and teachers served as librarians.

As the population of Brentwood increased, so did Lipscomb Elementary. Four more classrooms were added in the early 1960’s. By 1965, four classrooms, a new cafeteria and a gymnasium were completed. The library was moved into a larger space previously occupied by the old cafeteria.

In 1967, Mr. White retired and Mr. Raymond Robertson became principal. He remained at Lipscomb until 1969 when Mr. Fred Akers took over the position. In the Spring of 1970, construction of the newest and last addition to the school began—the open space which eventually became the 1st, Pre-1st and 2nd grade area. This latest addition was exciting because it was to be carpeted and air-conditioned!

The sudden death of Mr. Akers in early 1971 left Lipscomb without a principal. Mr. Alfred Jaqueth filled the post temporarily, until the School Board selected Mr. Jesse Frank, to replace Mr. Akers.

New programs and more teachers began to make their appearance in the early 1970’s, which once again created  a need for more classroom space. Every available unoccupied area was put to use as a classroom including “the pit” which was designed for large group activities in the 3rd grade area. A Kindergarten class was taught in the teacher workroom.

In 1972, the 7th and 8th grades moved to the new Northside Junior high (now Brentwood Middle School). The size of the student body was reduced, but the emptied classrooms were soon filled by creating smaller classes in the 4th, 5th and 6th grades.

By 1975, five Kindergarten classes were being taught at Lipscomb and another portable building was placed on the campus to house the classes.

In 1980, Lipscomb initiated a Pre-1st class for children who had completed Kindergarten, but were not ready for 1st grade. Although a new elementary school took some more students away, Lipscomb was still growing; and in 1985, a portable building was added for the 4th grade.

In 1986, the 6th grade moved to the new middle school and the 3rd graders moved from the open classrooms to the 6th grade hall.

By the 1990’s, it became increasingly evident that the students of Lipscomb needed a new building. The Board of Education agreed to allocate the money to build a new, state-of-the-art building with 38 classrooms, larger office space, a more modern cafeteria and gymnasium, and a library with computer stations.

In 1992, ground was broken behind the old school for a new school building to be completed in 1993. The first day for students in the new school was March 29, 1993. The old school building was torn down to make way for new playgrounds and additional parking. The bricks were sold with commemorative plaques to remember the old Lipscomb Elementary School building.

In 1998, principal Jesse Frank retired. Jean Pickard, assistant principal and long time teacher of Lipscomb Elementary School was appointed to be the next principal. She remained principal until her retirement in 2003. Dr. John Calton, assistant principal during the 2001-2003 school years was then named principal of Lipscomb Elementary. Michelle Contich became the current principal of Lipscomb in 2006.

The history of Lipscomb Elementary began in 1866 and continues through present day with a tradition of excellence.

Our mission:  To cultivate the ability, intellect, and character of each student by partnering with parents to benefit students academically, emotionally, socially, and physically.

1.  Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs.

2.  All students can learn in a supportive and challenging program that assesses student achievement and performance which meets individual needs and reflects maximum learning.

3.  Students’ self-esteem is enhanced when they are actively engaged in the learning process and have appropriate opportunities for success.

4.  A safe and physically comfortable environment promotes student learning.

5.  Teachers, parents, and the community share the responsibility for the support of the school’s mission.

6.  The commitment to continuous improvement is imperative to enable our students to become confident, self-directed, lifelong learners.

The original Lipscomb Schoolhouse started in 1866

The original Lipscomb building.

Our founder, Professor William Lipscomb

William Lipscomb founder of Lipscomb Elementary in 1866