Our Counselors are a Vital Part of our Community

As part of a comprehensive counseling program at Lipscomb Elementary School, school counselors serve students, parents, and teachers through a wide variety of services. Some of the services include:

-Advocating for and inspiring healthy development

-Teaching classroom guidance to all students through “Life Skills”

-Conducting small group counseling sessions and lunch bunches

-Counseling children individually

-Consulting with parents, teachers and administrators

-Developing parenting workshops, resources, and an advisory board

-Monitoring all 504 accommodations

-Coordinating our Safety Patrol (5th grade hall monitoring program)

-Promoting school-wide special events (such as Red Ribbon Week & Random Acts of Kindness Week)

-Sponsoring our Student Council (4th and 5th grade leadership & service learning program)

-Supervising our Be Nice Ambassadors

Elementary School Counselors help students learn the skills and attitudes necessary to be successful learners and citizens. They emphasize to students that the classroom is their first workplace. Developing skills in communication, decision-making, interpersonal relationships, and career awareness are all important in life. In fact, they are also foundational in a counseling relationship. School counselors strive to build rapport and trust as they maintain the highest professionalism and follow their ethical code for confidentiality. The Lipscomb Counseling Team follows the American School Counseling Association’s national model as presented below. They especially strive to practice and model the targets of advocacy, leadership, collaboration, and systemic change.

Counseling Program Outreach + Parenting Education + Community Partners – DARE Brentwood Police Officers – I.C. Hope (Mental Health of Middle TN) – Kids on the Block (character education puppetry)

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Diane Wauford
School Counselor