Enriching our Students’ Daily Curriculum

Every day, Lipscomb students in all grades attend a 45 minute specials class.  The classes are taught by teachers specializing in that subject.

Class Description:

The art program at Lipscomb Elementary is designed to prepare your student with valuable skills for both now and the future. We will learn about problem solving, critical thinking, art techniques, art careers, art history, contemporary artists, communicating and making a difference through art, and more. We’ll also be learning art vocabulary, how to discuss and critique artworks, and having a blast along the way. In addition, we also follow the Tennessee Art Standards and the Williamson County Schools Scope & Sequence. It is my goal that all students will leave art with a broad understanding of art career options and a strong capability to solve problems creatively, as this is a skill that will outlive the art room.

Below is an easy way you can help our art program!

The art room is in need of some materials! We quickly cycle through materials and would love to have some common, household items on hand for projects we will be doing throughout the year. Many of these supplies might be headed to your recycling bin, so please take a look to see what you have and send any of these items you don’t need our way!

Cereal boxes

Flat cardboard


Small scrap wood pieces

Paper plates

Old or broken crayons

Plastic grocery bags

Baby wipes

During Library Class, students enjoy a class lesson and a check out time. Kindergarten students check out 1 book per visit, grades 1-4 check out 2 books and our 5th grade check out 3 books at a time. Lipscomb celebrates the Volunteer State Book Awards by reading the nominated books and our votes help choose the best books in the state of Tennessee. Our hope is that all Lipscomb Bears foster a life long love of reading.

Class Description:   Life Skills: Our classroom guidance class strives to live into its title: we are building skills for life! From study skills to conflict resolution, school counselor Mrs. Diane Wauford teaches students topics to promote social, emotional, and academic development. Students also take turns to become the “Super Star of the Day” to help make our class a positive learning environment. This role is designed to build student confidence, leadership, and advocacy. This year, we are using the book, “The Energy Bus” by Jon Gordon as our Life Skills theme. We will be utilizing the book’s 5 principles for having the ride of your life including: 1) create a positive vision; 2) fuel your ride with positive energy; 3) no bullies allowed; 4) love your passengers; 5) enjoy the ride!

Welcome aboard!!

Class Description:   In the music room at Lipscomb we explore music in a variety of ways. We sing, we listen to and play music from various time periods and cultures. We use technology to enhance our experience and help us create new music of our own. Mr. Andrulonis leads engaging lessons that not only teach students about music but also pull in aspects of literacy, mathematics, science and social studies. Take a peak in the music room at Lipscomb and you may find students preparing for a performance or recording new music on an iPad, either way you can bet it’s going to be an adventure.

Class Description:  Physical Education at Lipscomb will help students develop motor skills, fitness levels, personal awareness, and cooperative skills. Our goal is to provide skills necessary for a lifetime of physical activity and health.  Throughout the year we offer opportunities for parents to join us in Physical Education for Cosmic Bowling, Roller Skating, and Field Day.  If you need to contact us at any time please feel free to email Joey Taylor, or Brenda Vroon.  We are looking forward to a wonderful year of Physical Education at Lipscomb.