Longview Library

The Longview Library currently houses over 13,000 items for both students and teachers. The library is comprised of fiction, nonfiction, biography, book sets, and a teacher resource area. Along with teaching classes, the Longview Library is open to student checkout throughout the school day.

About the LVES Library

Kindergarten: Check out 1 book

First Grade: Check out 2 books

Second – Fifth Grade: Check out 3 books

A typical library class entails a whole group library lesson/story, independent or group activity, and book selection time.  Students will experience a variety of technology and literature while in the library.

There are two different ways that students can check out library books: during library class and open checkout.

Library Class: Along with a whole group lesson/story, students will be given 10-15 minutes of book checkout time.

Open Checkout: With classroom teacher permission, students may checkout library books throughout the school day. This will be the policy unless Guidance class is happening in the library.

Accelerated Reader at Longview

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