LVES Related Arts/Specials Classes

Art Teachers:

  • Marlo Lee

The mission of the Longview Visual Art Program is to ensure that all students find their own creative way to feel good about themselves. Throughout the year, students will learn different techniques such as printmaking, collage, sculpture, mixed media, and more. Drawing and painting skills are regularly practiced. Students will explore the elements of art will be through every art unit, which will enhance students’ art vocabulary and skills. Lessons will also be designed to include grade level curriculum themes and ideas in science, math, reading, and social studies. Student artwork will be on display throughout the hallways and on a digital portfolio, Artsonia, to showcase their hard work. In November, families will also have the opportunity to purchase items with their child’s artwork through a fundraiser, Square 1.


  • Lindsey Wagner
  • Julie Culp

Our Guidance Counselors are ready to support the needs of all Longview students, staff and community members. We will address the needs of our students through various direct and indirect services that aim to support each student’s personal, social, career and academic needs as well as teach them virtuous character traits that will help them grow into productive, respectful citizens.

P.E. Teachers:

  • Michael Frey
  • Molly Willmore
  • Dylan Gormsen

The mission of Longview Elementary Physical Education Department is to develop healthy bodies, promote positive attitudes towards lifetime physical activity, practice sports skills, learn about physical fitness, and most importantly to have fun! Physical Education is an integral part of the total education process. It gives the students the opportunity to develop physically, mentally and socially through the use of physical activity. Students will visit P.E. three times each week.


  • Kendra Baggett
  • Kim Bivings – Library Assistant

The Longview Media Center is the heart of our school.  At Longview we strive to foster a love of reading in all of our students. For specials the Media Center and Guidance classes rotate. During library class time, students will not only check out new books but also engage in standards-based lessons and activities that support literacy and literature. Students are also able to come to the library during open checkout throughout the day to get new library materials when needed. At Longview, the Accelerated Reader program is used to ensure that children are reading books in their optimal reading range to promote reading comprehension and fluency gains. You may check out the Accelerated Reader program on the Media Center Page on the website. The LVES Media Center will have 2 Book Fairs during each school year: one in the Fall and one in the Spring.  Students always look forward to Book Fair times, and it is a great time for families to connect with great books. If you are a book lover and are interested in volunteering in the Media Center please contact Mrs. Baggett.

Through singing, playing instruments, and creative movement, students at Longview experience the joy of music. The Longview Music Program is equipped with a wonderful set of 15 guitars, 12 keyboards, 14 Orff xylophones of various sizes, as well as a large assortment of pitched and unpitched classroom percussion instruments. Each grade level is showcased in a music program once a year. These performances are a great way for students to share some of what we have learned during music class, as well as gain experience performing for an audience on a stage. Recorder lessons are a part of the 4th and 5th grade curriculum, and students in these grades also have the option to join the school Chorus for more performance opportunities. We look forward to sharing our love of music with your child at Longview.

Technology is important at Longview.  Longview has one to one Chromebook ratio from first grade all the way up to fifth.  During Specials with Technology We cover Citizenship, Online Safety, Coding, Typing, and using an office suite (Google).  Starting in Kindergarten with an introduction to the Chromebook along with basic computer and keyboarding skills.  We progress each year and by fifth grade we are creating stories, slideshows, and spreadsheets.   With a focus on logical thinking and doing things in the right order we are introducing Coding and growing in the knowledge and application of computer programs on the Chromebooks.