Related Arts Classes Enrich our Students’ Daily Curriculum

Each day, MCES students attend Special Classes for 45 minutes where they are challenged by Highly Qualified teachers in that specialty subject.    Below you can find a description of each Special Class your child will attend.

In Art at MCES we will learn about the Elements of Art and Principles of Design as the students are taught how to express themselves creatively through a variety of art mediums such as: drawing, painting, sculpture/installations, textiles and clay. We will discuss famous artists, art history and cultural art forms. Students will discover, as I work together with classroom teachers, the connections between different subject areas such as social studies, science, language arts and math, reinforcing material learned in their academic classrooms.

Kindergartners will specifically focus of developing their fine motor skills through centers in the classroom as they build their knowledge of the Elements of Art and experience new art mediums.

There will be multiple opportunities for students to display their artwork including: exhibits at the Frist Center for Visual Arts, Williamson County Libraries and other art exhibition spaces and a digital portfolio, on our online platform, where parents can view artwork all year long and purchase products that will help fund the art program! Some students will also be able to display their work at a variety of art festivals.

My goal is to create an exciting learning environment where students can develop a positive sense of self and community by problem solving, becoming well-rounded, lifelong learners through Art.

We have an exciting year planned regarding our Character Education Program at MCES and would like to recognize students on specific character traits instead of just general character! Each month our school will highlight one of our district wide character words.

September: Respect/Empathy                                          December: Caring                                        March: Trustworthiness
October: Responsibility                                                      January: Perseverance                                April: Cooperation
November: Courage                                                           February: Citizenship                                  May: General Character

Our Character Threads program is a school wide t-shirt design contest in which students work to create an eye-catching design that captures the overall theme of good character and incorporates all character words. The contest takes place in September and the winning design will be chosen by our students and teachers.
In Guidance class we will not only be teaching the meaning of the character word, but we will also have a student representative from each classroom who is recognized for exhibiting the characteristics of that word. Students in grades 2-5 will be given time in Guidance class each month to confidentially nominate a peer and write about why they think this peer demonstrates the character trait of the month. The classroom teachers and specials teachers will have input on classroom representatives as well. Students in grades K-1 will be selected by the classroom teachers and specials teachers.

Character Trait winners will screen print their very own t-shirt (as designed by the contest winner) at a designated time during the school day and will be recognized in our school wide assembly. Mrs. Rioux and Mrs. Finch will notify parents of assembly time each month.

We are excited to reward good character at MCES!

In the Mill Creek Elementary Library we strive to foster a love of reading in all of our students.

As part of our Special Classes the Library and Guidance classes rotate.  During library class time, students will not only check out new books but also engage in standards-based lessons and activities that support literacy and literature.

Students may check out the following number of books per grade level: Kindergarten – one book, 1st through 4th grades – two books, and 5th grade – 3 books. A student may exchange one or all books per visit. Books can be renewed one time with the exception of chapter books or project related materials. Books are due within two weeks if not renewed.

Through singing, playing instruments, and creative movement, students at Mill Creek Elementary School experience the joy of music.  The MCES Music Room is equipped with a wonderful large assortment of pitched and un-pitched classroom percussion instruments.  Each grade level is showcased in a music program once a year.  These performances are a great way for students to share some of what they have learned during music class, as well as gain experience performing for an audience on a stage.  Recorder lessons are a part of the 4th and 5th grade curriculum. We look forward to sharing our love of music with your child at MCES.

The mission of Mill Creek Elementary Physical Education Department is to develop healthy bodies, promote positive attitudes towards lifetime physical activity, practice sports skills, learn about physical fitness, and most importantly to have fun!  Physical Education is an integral part of the total education process.  It gives the students the opportunity to develop physically, mentally and socially through the use of physical activity.

Students will learn age appropriate technology skills during these fun lessons. From using a mouse,  to creating documents, and also coding, there is something for all students!