Services of the Counseling Department

The Counseling Department at Mill Creek provides services for students, parents, and staff. This includes general counseling, training in character education, and promotion of our House Teams and OARS program.

General Services

As a part of our comprehensive, developmental School Counseling program at Mill Creek Middle School, our counselors serve our students, parents, and teachers through a wide variety of services. School Counselors promote excellence through their work in four program areas:

  1. Responsive Services- personal and crisis counseling, small group counseling, 504 and support services
  2. Classroom Curriculum- classroom lessons, character education, group activities, newsletters, and transition issues
  3. System Support- consultation and collaboration with parents, teachers, and administrators
  4. Individual Planning- test planning and interpretation

House Teams & Character Education

Character education is incorporated in various ways at Mill Creek Middle School. Counselors may present guidance lessons throughout the year, as well as in their Minors course, “Surviving Middle School”. As a school-wide character education initiative, Mill Creek Middle School welcomes each student into a House Team upon entering their 6th grade year. Students will stay with this team for their remaining time at Mill Creek. Throughout the school year, each house team will meet at various times to participate in character building activities, participate in team building competitions at pep rallies, and find ways to exemplify good character and leadership in their day to day classes. There are six House Teams, each representing a different character trait.

Cobalt: Responsibility

Kiwi: Perseverance

Midnight: Respect

Silver: Trustworthiness

Teal: Caring

Titanium: Courage

OARS Program

Outstanding Attitudes Rewards System (OARS) is an incentive program put in place to reward students for every day exceptional behavior. Students who exemplify our motto of Lead, Exceed, and Inspire by putting into practice those actions can earn individual points or points for their House Team. Students can spend their OARS reward points at The Dock, which is our school store located in the cafeteria. It is always stocked with supplies and fun prizes for students to earn! Events specific to our OARS program are planned each quarter so that students have many chances to earn and spend their reward points.

O A R S logo for Positive Behavior and Intervention Program.