Special Classes

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Every student in K-5 receives visual art classes from a certified visual art specialist during their “specials” rotation. The goal in elementary visual is to foster a love and interest in visual art. Students explore art and art-making from many cultures, time periods and media, developing a sense of self-esteem through the learning the creative process of making art.
Classroom Guidance

School Counselors teach at various times in the classrooms.

Our curriculum is based on our counseling standards as well as the WCS Character Education Program. Stay tuned for information regarding upcoming lessons in the school newsletter!


Therapeutic groups are formed around a variety of topics and typically meet for 6-8 sessions for 30 minutes during the child’s school day. Group needs are determined through teacher and parent referrals.


With over 900 students at NES there are a number of students who need individual counseling services. We do our best to meet as many student counseling needs as possible and have even set aside counseling days this year(Monday & Wednesday) to better help meet those needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you know of a student who needs to see a School Counselor! J

Parent Consultation

Counselors are also able to meet with parents for a consultation regarding their child. During a consultation a parent would share their concerns for their child and the counselor would provide a listening ear and any resources/services that they think a parent might find helpful. If the School Counselor found the issue to be one out of their expertise, they would then refer the parent on to the School Social Worker.

Additional Responsibilities

In addition to the job description above, School Counselors are also in charge of handling all school wide testing, 504’s, and charitable contributions. Please contact Karen Thurgood if you would like to know more!

The goal of Nolensville Elementary Physical Education Department is to develop healthy bodies, promote positive attitudes towards lifetime physical activity, practice sports skills, learn about physical fitness, and most importantly to have fun!  Physical Education is an integral part of the total education process.  It gives the students the opportunity to develop physically, mentally and socially through the use of physical activity.

The goal of Nolensville Elementary School library class is to teach students how to use the library to find the different types of information they need. Encouraging and helping students acquire the skills that they need to become lifelong learners is an ongoing theme throughout middle and high school in Williamson County Schools.

NES music students will be learning about musical geniuses from the past, exploring new music from around the world, and playing a variety of instruments while focusing on the theory behind it all.

“Music is a language the whole world speaks.”