The Nolensville Cardinals

Nolensville Elementary School has been the heart of Nolensville for decades. Many of our faculty and staff live in the Nolensville community and our children have attended or are attending NES. Home of the Cardinals, our school feels like family.  When people visit Nolensville Elementary School, we always hear what a special place we have!

The Cardinal Pledge

  • I am responsible for all my actions and behaviors today.
  • I will listen, do my work, and show respect for others.
  • I will be a person of good character and Cardinal Pride by doing what is right and the extra.
  • Having good character is not only how I act in front of people, it is also how I act when no one is watching.

The Mission of Nolensville Elementary School is to cultivate a love for learning through the minds, hearts, and actions of our students.

Our vision is that our students will become productive leaders of society, bringing creativity and hope to our nation and world.

In 1867 a brick schoolhouse was constructed with two rooms and a hallway downstairs for the Nolensville Academy. The upstairs housed the Masonic Lodge and Odd Fellow Meetings.  This structure burned in 1901.  A year or so after that, a new building was built behind the cemetery on Clovercroft Road. This housed the school until a newer building was completed on Nolensville Road in 1937.

The school at Nolensville included grades one through twelve until 1930 and grades one through 10 until 1940.  High school students in the 1930’s finished their work at Antioch, Central, Franklin or College Grove, but Nolensville graduates were well trained even though the school was not accredited.

In 1934-35, the PTA had horse shows and other fund-raising activities to raise money to buy the property on which the first school on Nolensville Road was built. Then in 1949, the Community Club bought a war surplus building from the Classification Center on Thompson Lane, using the material to add a gymnasium, restrooms, and a cafeteria.  By this time, there were four teachers. This school is still standing and is now owned by the Nolensville Historical Society. Many community events are still held there.

In the fall of 1966, integration added so many students that there was an immediate space problem.  The gym was divided into four classrooms until four portables could be obtained.  This arrangement continued until 1972 when the second elementary school was built on Nolensville Road.

The second school on Nolensville Road was used for kindergarten through fifth grades until 2007 when the newest and current elementary school was built on Rocky Fork Road. The second school was transformed and is now used as one of the Williamson County Recreation Centers.  The current school on Rocky Fork road houses grades k-5. As Nolensville continues to grow, Nolensville Elementary School retains the quaint, home town feeling that it has always had.