Extracurricular Activities

Nolensville Elementary School offers several opportunities for 4th and 5th graders to participate in activities with peers who share some of the same likes as they do. Students will learn more about these activities during school.

This elite group of students are chosen from 4th and 5th grades to represent the NES student body.  The mission of Cardinal Council is to serve the school through events, service and act as leaders and examples for NES students. Please contact Mrs. Cooper for more information.
4th and 5th students meet to discuss and implement ways to improve the environment on the NES Campus. Please contact Mrs. Myka for more information.

Safety Patrol employs 4th and 5th grade volunteers to aid in student arrival in the back car-rider line in the mornings. Contact Mrs. Jones for more information.

Reading Group is for any student in grades 4 and 5, that has a love for reading. This group is a great opportunity for them to share their love of reading with students their age.  Students who attend Reading Group will participate in many activities such as: read a selected book and discuss it with other group members, help create bulletin boards to be displayed throughout the school, play fun reading games, and help out with Family literacy night. Please contact Mrs. Jones for more information.

Math Group students come together once a month to learn new math games, problem solve, create new friendships, discover cool patterns and structures within mathematics, and challenge themselves through exciting investigations.  We had 30 group members last year, and we have an annual Family Math night that our members help with.