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As the school counselor here at NES, I work with students in various settings and for a variety of reasons.  My responsibilities provide both direct and indirect services to our students, staff, and community.

Direct Services include:

  • Individual Counseling – please let me know if your student has some concerns or needs that I can help with. I want school to be a comfortable and safe environment for our students (emotionally as well as physically).
  • Small Group Counseling – when we have a small group of students (typically 3-6) who have similar needs we can help them develop personal skills in a small group setting. This helps them understand that they are not alone in dealing with difficult situations and they can support each other.  Small groups typically meet for 6-8 sessions.
  • Guidance Class – As part of the specials rotation, I see all of the students in a two-week cycle. Guidance lessons are based on the state standards and focus on the general areas of personal/social development, academic success, and career introduction.  I also incorporate the district’s character words into the Guidance lessons.
  • Some of the topics covered in Guidance are goal setting, homework and test taking strategies, friendship skills, conflict resolution, and emotions – identifying, dealing with, and expressing different emotions.


Indirect Services include:

  • Consultation with parents, teachers, and administration
  • 504 Coordinator
  • Building Testing Coordinator
  • Charitable contribution distribution