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Successory: Someone who has helped me on my way to success.

Successory Weeks 2017-18

October 2-6  |  January 8-12  |  March 19-23  |  May 7-11

Williamson County School’s new Successory program gives students a chance to say thank you to the school employees who are helping them become a success.

Participating is easy! Just download and print off a Successory form online, fill it out with the name of a school employee (teacher,bus driver, cafeteria worker, etc.) who’s making a difference in your life and drop it off in the box marked Successory forms in your school’s front office during one of the weeks listed below. At the end of the week, a name will be drawn and one lucky employee will receive a special prize.

September 2017 Successory

Winner: Ms. Fry

Nominated by: Madison

Young teacher is sitting in a chair smiling with her arm around a small female student. Mrs. Fry is holding a cup that she won for being nominated for the successory award.
My name is Madison Lunday and I am becoming a success at N E S! I want to thank Ms. Fry for helping me. Thank you for all your support. You are the best teacher. Signed: Madison Lundy

May 2017 Successory

Winner: Storie Young

Nominated By: Mrs. Kuhns’ Class

The May 2017 Successory Winner standing in the middle of Mrs. Kuhns kindergarten class who nominated her
Picture of the form for the May 2017 Successory Winner. It reads: i want to thank Ms. Storie for helping. Thank you for always helping us to do our best! You have a kind and encouraging spirit! We loved having you in our class! Signed: Mrs. Kuhns Class. Every student in the class has signed the nomination form.

March 2017 Successory

Winner: Mrs. Teresa

Nominated By: Blake Fuller

Mrs. Theresa sitting in chair with a Nolensville elementary school t-shirt on and her arm around a young boy who nominated her for the March successory winner. She is holding the mug that she won.
Nomination form filled out by a student named Blake for Mrs. Teresa. Form reads: I want to thank Mrs. Teresa for helping me. Thank you for caring about me, being super nice and teaching me lots of thinks like tying my shoes. About decimals and making airplanes.

January 2017 Successory

Winner: Mrs. Kuhns

Nominated By: Blake Fuller

Mrs. Kuhns holding the successory nomination form that was given to her by Blake. She has her arm around Blake who is a young boy and he is holding the mug that she won.
Successory Nomination form reads: I want to thank Mrs. Kuhns for helping me. Thank you for Always begin nice and a good teacher. And loving Roll Tide! She does nice stuff for us.

October 2016 Successory 

Winner: Mrs. Gaddis

Nominated by: Blake Fuller

Female teacher sitting in a chair holding the mug that she won. she has her arm around a young boy who nominated her. He is dressed in 50's clothing because it was the 50th day of school.
Nomination form reads: I want to thank Gaddis for Helping me. Thank you for letting us check out books in the library. Thank you for being a good teacher, for the library and being a sweet person. Signed: Blake