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Nolensville High School Hours and Schedules

Most days are run using the standard schedules. Most Mondays follow the Power Monday schedule.

Standard Schedule
1st7:40 AM8:28 AM
2nd8:33 AM9:20 AM
3rd (HR)9:30 AM10:00 AM
4th10:05 AM10:52 AM
5th10:57 AM11:44 AM
6th11:49 AM1:03 PM
7th1:08 PM1:55 PM
8th2:00 PM2:47 PM
Power Monday
1st8:25 AM9:07 AM
2nd9:12 AM9:52 AM
3rd (HR)10:02 AM10:27 AM
4th10:32 AM11:12 AM
5th11:17 AM11:57 AM
6th12:02 PM1:16 PM
7th1:21 PM2:01 PM
8th2:06 PM2:47 PM
Pep Rally
Period Start End
1st 7:40 AM 8:22 AM
2nd 8:27 AM 9:07 AM
3rd (HR) 9:17 AM 9:37 AM
4th 9:42 AM 10:22 AM
5th 10:27 AM 11:07 AM
6th 11:12 AM 12:26 PM
7th 12:31 AM 1:11 PM
8th 1:16 PM 1:56 PM
Pep Rally 2:00 PM 2:47 PM

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