A Message from Dr. Harlin

Welcome to Nolensville High School! This year is an exciting time in the development of Nolensville High School. This is the first year in which we will have all four grades, and we will have our first graduation. As the faculty and staff in partnership with our PTSO and community continue to develop Nolensville High School, we strive to build great relationships with our students so that we can cultivate a learning community in which students can discover and develop their skills and strengths. We could not be prouder of our community in which we reside, and we endeavor to serve our community in gratitude for its unending support. We look forward to seeing our graduates opening doors of opportunities in the arts, academics, and athletics at the collegiate level, and we are excited to see them flourish as professionals and contributing members of our greater society.

Headshot of head principal Bill Harlin

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