A Message from Dr. Harlin

Welcome to Nolensville High School! Whether you are coming to Nolensville High School for the first time or have been a part of our school community for a long time, we are honored by your presence. Our faculty and staff along with our PTSO strive to build great relationships with our students so that we can cultivate a learning community in which students can discover and develop their skills and strengths. The town of Nolensville has a broken wagon wheel for its town symbol, and we have adopted that incomplete circle as our own symbol for community. The gap in the circle represents that ALL students are welcome and included in the circle regardless of their background. Nothing thrills me more than to see high school students mature and thrive as individuals and as a collective group in character, academics, arts, and athletics. As we graduate students from the halls of Nolensville High School, we look forward to seeing our graduates open doors of opportunity at the collegiate level, and we are excited to see them flourish as professionals and contributing members of our greater society.

Headshot of head principal Bill Harlin

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