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  • What is Track Club?
    • Track Club is an opportunity for parents and students to enjoy afternoon exercise on our school track.
  • How does it work?
    • Laps and miles in track club are recorded on a card system. After each completed lap, students will hand their card to the supervising coach who will mark the card for 1 completed lap.  On our outdoor track, 2 laps is equivalent to 1 mile.  For every 5 miles a student runs, they will be allowed to choose a toe token charm to keep. Mileage will be kept on posters displayed in the gym and will be updated after each meeting.  Track Club members will also be informed of running events in the area.  Toe tokens may be earned for competing in races.  To receive their toe tokens, students need to bring their race bib to Track Club.
  • Who can participate?
    • Any Oak View student that is interested in exercise on our school track is invited to join us.  Parents are also welcome to walk, jog, or run with their child during Track Club time.  All students are welcome in Track Club as long as their behavior does not cause a problem for anyone else involved.  If actions taken by a student become a problem, they will be asked not to return to Track Club.
  • When does the club meet?
    • The club will meet on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons beginning Tuesday, October 10th.  Track Club will begin immediately after school and end at 4:30. At 4:25, students will be escorted into the gym for a quick break (water, bathroom, toe tokens given etc.) before they are dismissed. Fall Track Club will conclude on Thursday, December 14th, and will continue in the spring at a date to be determined by Coach Davisson.
  • Where will track club be held? What if there is inclement weather?
    • Track Club will take place on the outdoor track only.  If inclement weather conditions should occur (rain, sleet, snow, or unsafe temperatures) or if Coach Davisson is unable to attend a track club meeting, you will receive an email alert from Coach Davisson before 2:00 Tuesday/Thursday afteroon. Track Club meetings WILL NOT take place in the gym.
  • Who is my coach?
  • How can my child sign up?
    • Detach and fill out the bottom portion of the 2017-2018 Track Club Sign-Up Sheet (PDF) and return only that page to Coach Davisson before the first track club meeting.  Please keep the top of the page of information for your reference.

Oak View Basketball League is committed to providing students with a basketball season filled with learning, competition, and fun. The following divisions are being formed for the upcoming season:  2-3 grade boys, 2-3 grade girls, 4-5 grade boys, and 4-5 grade girls.

  • Registration
    • Registration and payment is available online only at www.oakviewbasketball.com.   All players must pre-register for the league.  Due to the continued growth of our school and league, registrations MUST be received by October 9.  We cannot guarantee placement in the league for late registrants. You will find the “registration form” link on the upper right side of the home page.  All current students of Oak View Elementary are encouraged to participate. Registration is not open to students from other schools.  Anyone interested in becoming a Head Coach or Assistant Coach will have the opportunity to express interest via the online registration form.  Also, if you have any questions about the league or the registration process, please click on the email icon and forward any questions or concerns.  Head coaches are responsible for selecting their individual teams through the player draft.  Coach and or team requests will not be taken into consideration.  Assistant coaches will be selected once the teams have been established. ALL SCHEDULING CONFLICTS SHOULD BE NOTED IN ADVANCE OF TEAM SELECTION AND MUST BE NOTED ON THE ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM.  Scheduling practices and games for 40 teams is a significant challenge.  The league can not guarantee any accommodations.
  • Mandatory Skills Assessment
    •  All players registering for the 2nd – 5th grade divisions will be required to participate in the skills assessment. This is not a try-out, but an effort to create balanced teams. Each child will be evaluated on dribbling, shooting and lay-ups.  Assessments will take place in the Oak View gym on October 17th and 18th.  Exact times will be provided closer to the dates.
  • Season Dates
    • Coaches will contact their respective teams regarding practice schedules in late October. Regular league practices will begin in late October. Each team will practice once during the week.  League games will be played mostly on Saturdays beginning in December and some Sundays.  We try to minimize the number of Sunday games with the season culminating in late February.
  • Cost
    • The cost to participate in the OVB league is $125 per player.  Each player will receive a dri-fit jersey and shorts.  All postgame team snacks are included!

Oak View Elementary is proud to offer K-5 Spanish and Chinese language classes. For more information about the World Language Program, please click here.