Extracurricular Activities

Oak View Elementary provides several opportunities for students to explore their interests outside of the school day.

What is Track Crew?

Track Crew is an opportunity for students and their parents to enjoy afternoon exercise on our school track.

How does it work? 

Laps and miles in Track Crew are recorded on a card system. After each completed lap, students will hand their card to the coach, who will mark the card for one completed lap.  On our outdoor track, two laps are equal to one mile.  For every five miles a student runs, they will be allowed to choose a toe token charm to keep.

Track Crew members will also be informed of running events in the area.  Toe tokens may be earned for competing in races.  To receive their toe tokens, students need to bring their race bib to Track Crew.

Who can participate?

Any Oak View student that is interested in exercise on our school track is invited to join us.  Parents are also welcome to walk, jog, or run with their child during Track Crew time.  All students are welcome in Track Crew as long as their behavior does not cause a problem for anyone else involved.  If actions taken by a student become a problem, they will be asked not to return to Track Crew.

When does Track Crew meet?

Track Crew will meet on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons in both the fall and the spring.  Track Crew will begin immediately after school and end at 4:30 PM. At 4:25 PM, students will be escorted into the gym for a quick break (water, bathroom, toe tokens given) before they are dismissed.

Where will Track Crew be held? What if there is inclement weather?

Track Crew will take place on the outdoor track only.  If inclement weather conditions should occur (rain, sleet, snow, or unsafe temperatures) or if the coach is unable to attend a track crew meeting, you will receive an email alert before 2:00 PM on Tuesday or Thursday afternoon. Track Crew meetings WILL NOT take place in the gym.

How can my child sign up?

Sign up sheets will come home with students in the spring.

WCS World Language Program

Oak View is proud to offer the WCS World Language program for elementary school students before and after school. Current offerings include both Spanish and Chinese. For more information, please visit the Williamson County World Languages Website.

Serving Oak View through Student Leadership

Each fall, fourth and fifth grade students can apply to be a part of Oak View’s Student Leadership Council. Two students from each classroom are selected to represent the student body. The aim of Student Leadership Council is to lead the Oak View Community by running service projects and providing an example of service and good character for all OVES students.

Making Beautiful Music

Each fall, fourth and fifth grade students sign up to be a part of Oak View’s Choir. Students practice vocal performance and learn orff instruments during practices each Friday morning.  The group performs twice each school year: once in December, and once in April.