Oak View Elementary’s School Counseling

At Oak View, we are proud to have a strong school counseling program! We serve students in kindergarten through fifth grades in a variety of ways and want to ensure that all students have a strong foundation socially and emotionally. By providing students with these important skills, we are also helping to prevent any barriers to their academic success. Below, you can find out more information about how we see students and the content that we cover over the course of the school year.

We provide guidance lessons to each class once per month, which are based on the Tennessee School Counseling Standards.  Each month, we focus on a different character trait as well as friendship and life skills.

This year, we will be exploring the character traits of respect, citizenship, responsibility, trustworthiness, perseverance, cooperation, caring, fairness, and courage.  We will also talk with students about growth mindset and conflict resolution.

When we see a need, school counselors will meet with groups of four to six grade level peers. Groups meet once a week during lunch or RTI time for six to eight weeks.

During small group get-togethers, students will do activities related to the topic, such as reading stories and practicing strategies. Some of the group topics include, but are not limited to, friendship, stress, assertiveness, keeping calm, and study skills.

Individual counseling is available for students in helping with their personal, social, and academic needs. Students can be self-referred, or they can be referred by teachers or parents.