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About Oak View

Welcome to the Williamson County School District!

Oak View Elementary is a K-5 school located in Middle Tennessee
in the historic town of Franklin.

Oak View Elementary School’s Vision:
We can, we will, we MUST, BECOME THE BEST IN THE LAND!

2390 Henpeck Lane
Franklin, TN 37064

(615) 472-4710

Fax: (615) 472-4725

School Hours:  8:50am-3:50pm

OVES Mission

Our Mission

The Oak View Community supports and nurtures each student to achieve continuous academic, athletic, and artistic excellence. Williamson County Schools Mission: Williamson County Schools will become a district recognized nationally for students who excel in academics, the arts, and athletics.

What We Offer

We Offer

In addition to K-5 classroom curriculum, Oak View has specialized curriculum in music, art, library, physical education, resource and gifted education, and guidance.  Our staff strongly supports hands-on, multiple intelligence strategies that provide meaningful learning for the students.


Communication is Key

Parent involvement is essential for student’s success.  We issue report cards every nine weeks.  Conferences begin in the fall, but can be scheduled as needed throughout the school year.  Ongoing communication between teachers and parents is encouraged.

Other Information

 Oak View Elementary follows the Williamson County School’s Scope and Sequence.  The scope and sequence is designed where the content taught is in a sequential order that will build on prior knowledge while sustaining new opportunities for learning.  The scope and sequence includes Tennessee’s academic standards and Williamson County standards.  To access the grade-level standards, click here.

Oak View opened its doors on November 22, 1993.  Bethesda Elementary, located south of Oak View, was growing rapidly; therefore the Williamson County School system built Oak View to keep class sizes and student/teacher ratios low.

The Saturn Corporation’s Spring Hill plant helped the area surrounding our school expand quickly to create an enrollment of 726 students at one time.  At that time, Oak View grew to be the largest elementary school in the Williamson County School District.  Later, another elementary school was built nearby to accommodate our growing population.

Regular school attendance is vital to ensure your child’s educational success.  If absent, please send a note upon return stating the reason for your child’s absence.  If a note is not received, the absence is unexcused.

Absences for a family trip may be excused for one event up to five consecutive days.  Any family trip extending beyond five days or additional trips will result as unexcused.  Written notice is requested two weeks prior to departure.

A responsible adult MUST sign in a tardy student.  All students must be checked out through the office for early dismissal.

When arriving in our car rider line in the morning, students may enter through the front doors ONLY.  Please do not park or enter by the kindergarten wing.  The building opens promptly at 8:30 a.m.  Students arriving prior to 8:40 a.m. must sit in the hallway outside THEIR classroom. A bell will ring 5 minutes prior to entering the classroom, signifying “all quiet” prior to entering the classroom.

Dismissal – Car riders will be dismissed from classrooms at 3:45 p.m.  Parents providing car transportation for their students must use the west driveway (near the brick “Oak View” sign).  To pick up car riders, parents enter by the west driveway and follow the arrows on the pavement to create three lanes of cars in the student-loading zone (marked by yellow horizontal lines on the pavement).  Once parked (engines off) in the loading zone and dismissal decals are verified, students will be allowed to walk to their cars.  Students will only be allowed to load cars parked in the loading zone. Once all students are secure in cars, the “all clear” sign from the teacher on duty will allow cars to restart engines.  Only after the “all clear” signal is given, and then directed to exit based on lane order, may parents proceed to exit by the west driveway, following the pavement arrows.  Please follow the procedure for car rider pick-up.  Our goal is to enable you to pick up your child in the most safe and efficient manner possible.


Car riding students will be called to your car.  However, if a child is late to the loading zone and causes a delay in dismissal, the parent will be instructed to re-circle the parking lot and enter the zone again.  Leaving your car in the driveway to come into the building is prohibited during arrival and dismissal and at all other times.

If you come to school early to line up for regular student dismissal, please pull all the way forward.  This allows us to accommodate more cars and will keep the line from backing up into the street. 

*If it is an emergency and you are arriving after 3:30 for an early dismissal of your child, please park in the staff/faculty parking lot and walk to the office for sign out.  The staff parking area is located to the east side of the building, behind the bus circle and bus lanes.  Please do not park in the bus lanes or in the circle.  Our buses need full access to this driveway and building entrance.

Our dismissal procedure has been planned with the intention of making dismissal for car-riders safe and orderly.  We appreciate your cooperation in helping us meet these goals.

Parents Please Note:  Students may not return to their classrooms after they have been dismissed.  Please do not ask for permission to go back into the room for homework or books.  Students are encouraged to be responsible for making sure they have everything they need before they leave for the day.   We believe some of the best life lessons are learned through personal responsibility and consequences of actions.

Our school mascot is Ollie the Owl.  Oak View bleeds green and white.  Go Owls!