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Oak View Elementary follows the Williamson County School’s Scope and Sequence.  The scope and sequence is designed where the content taught is in a sequential order that will build on prior knowledge while sustaining new opportunities for learning.  The scope and sequence includes Tennessee’s academic standards and Williamson County standards.  To access the grade-level standards, click here.


Williamson County Schools is changing the way it serves students who struggle academically.  In an effort to better support all learners, the district is in the process of implementing the Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTI2) model, which is designed to prevent failure and make all students successful learners.

The RTI2 model provides extra help for students at increasing levels of intensity based on how much progress the students are making in relation to a set goal.  RTI2 can be used at any grade level and in the areas of reading, math and written expression.  The object of RTI2 is to intervene early and assist the student before the deficits begin to impact learning.

In the RTI2 process, the progress the students make at each stage of intervention is closely monitored. Results of the progress monitoring are used to make decisions about what further instruction the students will need in order to meet grade level standards.

RTI2 provides a more objective way to look at student performance.  Teachers and parents are able to use data from a universal screener, state assessments and progress monitoring reports to better understand how the student is doing compared to grade level expectations.  Providing early intervention through the RTI2process is a proactive measure that aims to limit the amount of academic failure a student would experience.

More information on RTI can be found on the National Center for Response to Intervention website