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Welcome to the Oak View’s Media Center!

The Oak View Elementary School Library will provide access to materials and resources to support the instructional curriculum as well as encourage a lifelong love of reading and provide students with the tools necessary to become effective users of information.

Dana Graveno

There is not a fine for overdue books.  However, if a student has an overdue book, checkout privileges may be denied until the book is returned.

Please return damaged books to the library for repair. Accidents can and do happen.  Pets chew books, younger siblings color in them, water bottles leak, etc.   Books damaged while checked out to a student will be assessed by the librarian to determine whether repairs can be made.  A damage bill with replacement costs will be sent home for books damaged beyond repair.  Should a page accidentally rip, please return the book to the library and we will repair the page with special tape.

Books that have not surfaced in 30 days are presumed to be lost. An overdue bill with the replacement cost of the book will be sent home.