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Williamson County Schools Bill of Rights

Parents/Guardians, Educators, and Students Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights for Parents/Guardians, Educators, and Students

Williamson County Schools recognizes and embraces families as essential partners in student success; educators as leaders with a vital role in the accomplishment of the district vision; and students as active and engaged learners.

As such, this document has been designed in collaboration with parent leaders to articulate the fundamental commitments we have made to each other to serve the students of this district. The district commits to a partnership with parents and guardians, educators, and students that reflects mutual esteem and support for all, constructive conversation and collaboration, and equal opportunities and high expectations for students in all endeavors.

The Parent/Guardian Partnership

As integral district partners in your child’s education, parents and guardians have the right to:

  • A quality education that meets your child’s learning and achievement needs, preparing your child for college and career opportunities (Reference Board Policies 1.000, 4.000).
  • A safe learning environment which prohibits bullying and harassment (Reference Board Policies 1.808, 5.500, 6.3032, 6.304).
  • A welcoming environment that values your engagement (Reference Board Policy 4.502).
  • Be treated with courtesy and respect by all WCS representatives.
  • Access information about all services available for your child (e.g., gifted, disabled, counseling).
  • Have awareness of school expectations and educational programs with access to WCS policies and procedures.
  • Receive timely information about your child’s progress and performance (e.g., grades, attendance, discipline, and communication).
  • Translation and interpreter services in order to communicate effectively with school staff.
  • Expect homework that is rigorous, relevant, reasonable in duration, and related to identified learning goals. Homework will not be assigned over holiday breaks or with a due date that immediately follows these periods (Reference Board Policy 4.607).
  • Advocate for your child without reprisal.

Responsibilities of Parents and Guardians

In partnership with Williamson County Schools, parents and guardians are charged with certain responsibilities essential to promoting the highest standard of excellence for every student. To best support your child’s learning and achievement, you should:

  • Stay informed.
  • Ensure your child attends school every day, on time, and ready to learn.
  • Monitor and guide your child’s academic progress to ensure success.
  • Utilize tutoring and other learning supports provided by the school for your child when needed.
  • Communicate with teachers and other school staff about your child’s education.
  • Advocate for your child’s education.
  • Support your child’s district, school, and school organizations.
  • BE NICE.
  • Resolving Issues and Concerns within Williamson County Schools (Reference Board Policy 1.404)

If an issue, concern, complaint, or conflict arises within our district, it can be most effectively addressed and resolved through the following process. Please remember that anonymous complaints are difficult to resolve (Reference Board Policy 5.501).

First, communicate directly with the teacher or WCS employee with whom the issue has arisen, working together in good faith to resolve the concern.

If the matter is still not satisfactorily resolved after concentrated effort, communicate with the school level administrator or supervisor.

If a resolution is still unattained after communication with the school level administrator or supervisor, please reach out to the appropriate grade level Assistant Superintendent of Schools or the Deputy Superintendent, if applicable.

If communication to this point has still not resulted in an acceptable resolution, please contact the Superintendent of Schools regarding the issue.
Individual Board members do not have the authority to resolve complaints. The Board can only hear complaints and concerns over which it has authority (Reference Board Policy 1.404). Appropriate complaints may be appealed to the entire Board by submitting a written request to the Superintendent of Schools.

All WCS Board policies can be found by visiting our Board Policies page.

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