Elementary World Language Program (EWLP) Grades K – 5

//Elementary World Language Program (EWLP) Grades K – 5
Elementary World Language Program (EWLP) Grades K – 5 2017-08-24T13:44:35+00:00

Welcome to the Elementary World Language Program (EWLP)!

Williamson County Schools is proud to offer K-5 Spanish and Chinese classes at many of our elementary schools. Click on the links below to find out more about the program.

Xie xie and gracias to all of the students who enrolled in the Fall 2017 semester. We are excited to begin our classes and look forward to the growth the students will experience during these next 12 weeks. Please check back again starting November 1, 2017 to begin enrolling for the Spring 2018 semester. Act quickly because classes will fill up fast!

Learn more about the program using the following links:

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Our Elementary World Language Program is based on a FLEX model. FLEX programs aim to give students a foundation for world language study while encouraging communication. Our WCS FLEX program will nurture speaking and listening skills while also helping students develop an appreciation of other cultures and customs.

The purpose of the Elementary World Language Program is reflected in Student Programming Goal 2 of the WCS School Board’s Strategic Plan: “to develop and implement a world language curriculum at the elementary, middle, and high school levels in order to increase fluency in a foreign language.”

The goals of the WCS Elementary World Language Program are aligned with the National Standards for Foreign Language Education and the Tennessee Elementary Modern Language Standards K-5.

  1. Communicate in languages other than English
  2. Gain Knowledge and Understanding of Other Cultures
  3. Connect with Other Disciplines and Acquire Information
  4. Develop Insight into the Nature of Language and Culture
  5. Participate in Multicultural Communities at Home and around the World