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The paper enrollment forms provided below are intended for Kindergarten and other first time district enrollees (excluding current FSSD rising ninth graders). All current WCS students and rising FSSD ninth graders will participate in online WCS student registration through the WCS Family Access system beginning Monday, April 3.

Proof of Residence

Williamson County Schools will be verifying student addresses this year for each student entering a school for the first time.

New or Current Williamson County Resident

  • Completion of enrollment forms, and
  • Copy of signed Lease Agreement (including renewed lease agreements), signed valid non-contingent real estate sales contract, signed executed Settlement Statement, Deed or similar proof of legal residency, and
  • Minimum of TWO utility bills (gas bill, electric bill, water bill or connection verification letters) for first month in new residence, and
  • Photo I.D. (driver’s license, passport, state-issued ID, etc.)

Non-Resident Moving Into Williamson County at a Later Date

  • Completion of enrollment forms, and
  • Copy of signed Lease Agreement or signed valid non-contingent real estate sales contract, and
  • Contact the WCS Planning & Zoning Dept., (615) 472-4000, for payment of the out-of-county family tuition rate which will be reimbursed if move into county prior to the end of the semester (must be paid in-full), and
  • Photo I.D. (driver’s license, passport, state-issued ID, etc.).

Parent/Guardian Residing with a Legal Williamson County Resident

  • Residency Verification Affidavit must be completed with signatures notarized by both parent/guardian and legal resident. The legal resident must be present at time of registration verifying residence at the Williamson County address, and
  • Documentation verifying proof of Williamson County resident from both the resident (stated above), and
  • Documentation (two required) verifying proof of the parent/guardian residing at that address within ten days of the date of registration. (examples: checking account, credit card statement, voter registration, copy of paycheck indicating name at the address used, phone bill, or some type of legal mail), and
  • Photo I.D. of both the resident and the parent/guardian (driver’s license or passport).


Additional Requirement
The custodial parent or legal guardian (custody guidelines found below) must register the student. The Student Enrollment Data Form must be presented to the registrar of the zoned school with proof of residence at the time of enrollment. Middle and High School registration requires an appointment with the school in order to schedule your child’s classes. Additional items required are as follows:

  • Copy of certified birth certificate
  • School records or address to request transcripts
  • Immunization Requirements
  • Current school physical if it is not (or will not be) included in transcripts. Documentation of physical examination must show the examination to have been performed within one calendar year of initial enrollment into WCS.

If transferring from another Tennessee public school, a copy of the Tennessee School Immunization Certificate must be presented to the school at time of enrollment. If a copy of the form is not available at the time of registration, the state law permits a 30 day waiting period for the original to be sent from the previous Tennessee public school. If not received after the 30 day period, it will be the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian to obtain a current Tennessee School Immunization Certificate.

If transferring from an out-of-state school or private or parochial school, an original Tennessee School Immunization Certificate form is required at the time of registration. This immunization certificate may be obtained from a private physician or any medical facility, such as the Williamson County Health Department. The Health Department is located next door to the Williamson County Administrative Complex where the Williamson County School Board office is located. Their office hours are 8:00 – 4:30 and their phone number is 615-794-1542.

Custody Guidelines: Custody or court-ordered parenting plan documents must be provided at the time of registration in cases of legal custodial, shared parenting, or guardianship placements.

A student cannot attend school without the enrolling party providing a Parenting Plan or proof of guardianship. The legal residence of a student is defined as the domicile of the student’s primary residential parent (court order 1999 and after) or the parent with custody (court order prior to 1999) and where the student stays overnight.

Full Custody: Copy of legal custody papers or Parenting Plan.

Guardianship or Temporary Custody: Copy of legal custody papers or Parenting Plan.

Joint Custody: Copy of legal custody papers including a copy of the Parenting Plan that has been signed by a judge and notarized.

Parents Married Not Living Together but no Legal Separation: School is determined by where the child resides overnight. Parent must reside in Williamson County.

Parents Not Married and Not Living Together: A certified copy of birth certificate showing legality of parent and parent’s photo ID is required for enrollment. Mother is the default custodian if there are no court documents stating otherwise.

Exchange Student: Form I-20 is required for student to be authorized a student visa.

Whereabouts of One Parent Unknown: A certified copy of birth certificate showing legality of parent and parent’s photo ID is required for enrollment.

Transfer Students: For placement and credit purposes, all transfer students should bring, if possible, a copy of the most recent standardized test scores available and a copy of their report cards or an unofficial copy of their transcript of high school grades. Transfer students will not be placed in accelerated, honors, or AP courses unless standardized test scores are available to indicate that such placement is appropriate.

Bus Transportation and/or School Zone Information: Please visit our WebQuery site found at http://edweb.wcs.edu/eduweb/webquery/ for school zone and bus route information. You may reach our Transportation Department at 615-472-4950 for additional bus route questions or WCS Planning & Zoning Department at 615-472-4111 for additional school zoning questions.