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 Pre-Kindergarten Application 2018-2019

Enrollment applications are now being accepted for consideration for Williamson County Schools Pre-Kindergarten classes. To be considered, complete and submit the form below.

  • Children must be four years of age on or before August 15, 2018.
  • Please refer to our Pre-K Frequently Asked Questions before submitting your application.
  • Mobile phones and devices are not recommended for completing this form – please use a computer or laptop to complete the application for submission.

For more information please call (615) 472-4140 or email:

Note: You are required to notify Williamson County Schools of any change in this information prior to the beginning of school.

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Child's Information
Child's Full Name(First Middle Last )
Child's Date of BirthChoose from Calendar (Date must be shown in proper format as abbreviated 3 letter Month Day, Year in order to proceed) i.e. Jun 14, 2014

Only children with birth dates between August 16, 2013 and August 15, 2014 are eligible and can be entered into the Child's Birth Date field below. Those with birthdates on any other date are ineligible and cannot proceed. 

Sorry, but this child is not eligible for Pre-K Registration.

If your child's birth date fits within the requirement above, please check you've entered the birth date correctly. If the date falls within these parameters, this non-eligibility message will disappear and you can continue.

Parent Information
Parent/Guardian Name(s)
Mother's Occupation/Place of Employment
Mother's age at child's birth
Father's Occupation/Place of Employment
Father's age at child's birth
Who does the child live with?Enter the full name(s)
Relationship to child:What is their relationship to the child?
Mailing Address
Street Address
Zip Code
Contact Number
Main Phone Number(615) 555-1111
Daytime Phone Number(615) 555-1111
Annual Household Income


Must include ALL adults living in the home

Household IncomeEnter numbers only. No special characters please. Example: 25000


Primary Language Spoken in Home
Household Members
Number of People Living in Home
Number of Children Living in Home
Number of Adults Living in Home
If no, please explain
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Pregnancy & Birth
Child's Birth WeightExample: 6 lbs. 5 oz.
ComplicationsPlease describe any complications during pregnancy or birth of child
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Child's Primary Language
Commentsfor Other Concerns
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If Yes, at what age?
If Yes, please explain.
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Previous Preschool Experience
Dates Attended
Additional Information
Please share why you would like for your child to attend the Pre-Kindergarten program.
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Please share any additional information you would like to help determine eligibility
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By submitting this application I affirm that all information provided herein is true to the best ability of my knowledge and belief. I agree to notify Williamson County Schools if any change in this information prior to the beginning of school. I acknowledge that Williamson County Schools is relying on the truth of this information to determine eligibility for the pre-k program and that, in the event such information is determined to be false, my child may immediately be dismissed from the program and I may be liable to Williamson County Schools for damages and attorney’s fees under Tennessee Fraud Law.

Full Name of Person Submitting Application