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Pearre Creek Panthers are given opportunities to participate in exciting activities that promote learning, collaboration and healthy choices.

Online Panthers Care Club Registration Form

This year Pearre Creek will once again be offering a community-service based club to all students in grades K-5 – “Panthers Care Club”. Both staff members and students see that there are many opportunities for us to help our school, our community, our fellow Americans, and even citizens of other countries. While we hope to have consistent participation, we realize some students may attend sporadically due to schedule conflicts – please feel free to sign up even if you will not be able to make all of the meetings. The Panthers Care Club will meet after school in the cafeteria on the third Thursday of each month.  Students will be dismissed to a parent or approved guardian at 4:30. (There will be a spot on the form to list others who have permission to pick up your son/daughter). Parents are always welcome to attend and help us at the meetings.

If you are interested in your child participating, you can register him/her by filling out the Online Registration Form. This one form grants your child permission to attend the monthly meetings. A reminder note will be sent and it will be noted in school newsletters, the website, and my twitter feed – Coach Caudill@wcsPCESkc. When your child is not staying for the meeting please email me (kathyc@wcs.edu) and their classroom teacher. We will assume your child is always staying for the meeting unless you notify us.

PCES-TV is our very own, closed-circuit TV station. PCTV broadcasts each morning, and is led by students. PCES Panthers share messages from Dr. Goff, morning announcements, lead students in the PCES Keys of Excellence, the Pledge of Allegiance and Moment of Silence, every day.  All students have an option to be a part of the morning announcements during the school year.

The PE Department sponsors a 5-week Jump Rope Club during January and February.  The club meets one morning in the gym before school at 7:40am.  We would like to emphasize that this is a jump rope club, not a performance group.  This is an opportunity for students to enjoy learning new and challenging skills we may not have time to cover in the regular physical education classes.  Jump rope club is open to any second, third, fourth or fifth grade student.

Each semester of the EWLP introduces new content while constantly recycling material covered in prior semesters. The EWLP language class will enhance your child’s conversation skills by building on previous levels.

For student athletes transitioning to middle school, please visit the WCS Interscholastic Athletics page for information and all required forms needed to be eligible for tryouts and participation in athletic programs or activities.